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Prodigious Game Of Thrones 8X03 | CRACK

Game Of Thrones 8X03 | CRACK I’ll be working all day to finish ep 4 crack ♥♥ Hello i know it’s been too long and I apologize for it, ep 3 had so many logic fails and inconsistencies but worst of all obvious “plot conviniences” and “biased writng” and its

Surprising Game of Thrones CRACK! (8×02)

Game of Thrones CRACK! (8×02) In this episode, Jon is goddamn tired of feeling attacked for his height, and doesn’t hesitate to let the others know. Someone stepped on Davos’ toes, he’s being aggressive towards little girls. Gendry (alias Casey Frey) is aroused by Aryas epicness. Jaime is about to