Wondrous All-Star Tournament Championship – NBA 2KTV S3. Ep.23

All-Star Tournament Championship – NBA 2KTV S3. Ep.23

We crown a champion for the NBA 2K17 All-Star Tournament! Get an all-access look at the final game, straight from New Orleans! Hear from both of our console champions to learn their strategies going into this final game, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the NBA players preparing to take on this year’s champions!

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All-Star Tournament Championship – NBA 2KTV S3. Ep.23

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  1. PS4 PS4 PS4

    Ever heard of the debate about each franchise's all-time team? Well if you're looking for a different league other than the regular draft leagues & basic 2k rosters; This one is for you 💯


    These teams are open in the Franchise league!
    Open teams are:
    Hawks (2-6)
    Pelicans (0-0)
    Kings (2-0)
    Raptors (0-1)
    Mavericks (0-1)
    Cavaliers (1-4)
    Clippers (0-4)
    Grizzlies (0-2)
    Jazz (1-2)
    Nuggets (1-1)
    Hornets (0-5)
    Wizards (1-1)

    29 games. On ball defense. You must have kik. There is no draft & no trades. The reason is because that would defeat the purpose of the theme of the "Team/Franchise" aspect. Every team consists of the best players that have ever played for that team They must have played for the team for multiple seasons and have to have spent prime years there.
    For example:
    Celtics: Bob Cousy, Paul Pierce, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Bill Russell… Guys like Rondo, Antoine Walker & Isaiah Thomas off the Bench…
    Knicks: Walt Frazier, Bernard King, Carmelo Anthony, Willis Reed, Pat Ewing, & so on and so forth. however you decide to set your lineup.
    Questions? DM me (instagram: @the2k17myleague), or KIK steadysteppinup for fastest response!

  2. What the hell is wrong with y'all? I'm a myteam player and my opponents rage quitted 3 times in a row an I got a loss EVERY GOD DAMN TIME

  3. where was the explanation for the double tip off and the ultra awkward and inappropriate "comedian" from the live stream?

  4. καριολακια ένα παιχνίδι μόνο να φτιάξετε χωρίς μαλακιες δεν μπορείτε

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