Wondrous AGE OF EMPIRES Definitive Edition / Official E3 2017 Game Trailer

AGE OF EMPIRES Definitive Edition / Official E3 2017 Game Trailer

Microsoft is remastering the original Age of Empires with a Definitive Edition that will offer upgraded 4K graphics and improved gameplay, the company announced during the PC Gaming Show at E3 2017.
AGE OF EMPIRES Definitive Edition / Official E3 2017 Game Trailer

21 Replies to “Wondrous AGE OF EMPIRES Definitive Edition / Official E3 2017 Game Trailer”

  1. LOL they couldn't come up with better idea so, lets just make the best version look slightly worse, by making a 2d programed game look 3d lol it looks so weird. Id rather play the original one solo campaign ( I admire the time they spend, but cmon-, they could have made a IV version instead )

  2. A company like Blizzard Entertainment doesn't mess around when it comes to professionalism. What they did with Starcraft 1: Remastered is beautiful.
    I was so disappointed at Age of Mythology's "remaster" as well as Baldur's Gate (1998 RPG). This Age of Empires remaster looks pretty good though i'm not totally sold yet. Can't wait to see more on this.

  3. As excited as I am for this. I'm getting tired of MS remastering stuff some other company made a long time ago for their profit. MS doesn't remember or know what it is like to make games from scratch anymore.

    This would be 1000% better if they remade it from ground 0. Start with coding and finish with graphics. Add features(within strict reason), remove bugs, make it worth something, then hand it over to the community for free to make expansions and to maintain it. Kinda like AoE2 HD.

    And for fuck sakes quit requring people to have xbox live!!! I'm a PC only person and hate that I have to refuse buying this if I have to open an account with them and then pay to have it only for one game.

  4. This is yet another bs remastered version of the same damn game.. and the HD version off of steam looks exactly like this so this isn't even better graphics.. I loved this game but the remakes like this are all a rip off.

  5. Before I show this to my mom and she has a literal heart attack, I need to know one thing… is this going to be on PC?!

  6. remake from scratch, but make sure to keep everything 90% gameplay same…
    just use a fucking 3d engine…
    how awesome aoe2 will look like with aoe3 or better graphics

  7. They just took everything obsolete and bad in AoE and removed everything great about that relic of a game and made it into new game? I play AoE even now for certain reasons but there are no reasons to play this game… Good job.

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