Wonderful Useful ROM Hacks for Retro Games – Restorations, Fan Translations, Colorizations / MY LIFE IN GAMING

Useful ROM Hacks for Retro Games – Restorations, Fan Translations, Colorizations / MY LIFE IN GAMING

We’re impressed with all the crazy ROM hacks out there today, but we lose interest in playing them fairly quickly. But what kinds of ROM hacks might interest someone who normally doesn’t play ROM hacks? In this episode, Coury takes a look ROM hacks of a more utilitarian nature.

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Useful ROM Hacks for Retro Games – Restorations, Fan Translations, Colorizations / MY LIFE IN GAMING

45 Replies to “Wonderful Useful ROM Hacks for Retro Games – Restorations, Fan Translations, Colorizations / MY LIFE IN GAMING”

  1. If it helps anyone I listed all of the hacks mentioned in the video here:


  2. I love these kinds of hacks more than most I even find myself holding out on playing certain games till there is a hack made for it. The fans know whats up and they aren't limited by time constraints or licensing issues.

  3. To realise a game has aged badly requires considering the time period it came out in. You have to understand that it was acceptable back then, but isn’t anymore or whatever.

  4. Oh wow! Grandia looks incredible! I need to try that, now that there’s an undub which restores the proper audio. The 2D characters in 3D environments is so awesome, it’s like reverse Final Fantasy.

  5. This really takes me back to the early 00s. Some of my favorite games of all time are ones I found through fan translations, like Seiken Densetsu III, DeJap's SNES translation of Tales of Phantasia and Dragon Quest V.
    Also, yes, play Terranigma. The one time that Europe got an absolute classic that never made it to the US.

  6. Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 on the SNES have never received western releases and that's a shame because they're incredible. Luckily Project Naga and Project Exile fix that with fan translations allowing you to experience some of the best classic Fire Emblem has to offer.

    Especially in Genealogy's case because that is a sweeping historical epic that goes through generations and plays so differently from normal FE.

    Also on the DS front there is a fan translation of Fire Emblem 12, the only FE not released out of Japan after 7, that is worth checking out.

  7. This is infidelity, thank you so much for trying out my Mario 3 save hack! Have you tried out my "Super Mario All-Stars NES"? It plays on original hardware through a real MMC5 cart, but with krikzz's new N8 Everdrive, that game will be able to be played without a doner MMC5 cart. Once again thanks for including my work in your video!

  8. Would be nice to get some quality of life improvements for PS2 era games.
    I finished Destroy All Humans recently and there's no mid level checkpoints inthe whole game. Some later missions can take 20 minutes to do and are pretty hard because of the bad stealth mechanics so it's frustrating as hell to die near the end of a level and have to do it all again.

  9. For anyone that wants to play Megaman 3 without slowdowns + quality of life improvements, check out a hack called "Mega Man 3 Improvement".

  10. Hacks that restore the beta of super Mario 64 get really good then turn into a dumpster fire of stolen assets, cyber bullying, and cancellation.

  11. Fucking dumbasses this is how emuparadise got shut down, by stupid fucks like toy showing their website pages or mentioning them by name you fucking moron.

  12. actually, the buttons were also reversed for the rev b version built into Western master system units during the 1990s, which was the basis for the virtual console release.

  13. there is also berzerk voice enhansed, one of the earlyest rom hacks with audio changes, which adds voice to the 2600 port of the arcade classic, ripped streight from the arcade version.

  14. Can you possibly touch on optical drive emulators in the future, or possibly send me in the direction of a good cover all video? Finding some way to back up and play my PS1 games without relying on the optical drive would be a godsend, as we know discs can degrade over time, and I love the look of the SD card in the disc slot as you had shown in the video. I’ve seen the PSIO before, but would like to know more on what set up they had in the video here. If it gets touched in later in the video, I’ll end up removing this comment.

  15. 23:13 The shining force 3 translation project has been going on for 15 years, which I found ridiculous. And it's still not completed. I appreciate a lot their project but I cannot help but to criticise. 15 years to translate a game is just too damn long.

  16. I'm surprised you guys didn't mention the hacks for Simon's Quest, making the cryptic translation a bit more clear, as well as the map hack, and Day-to-Night Transition hack that speeds up the pause during the Day-Night change. Those QoL hacks for Simon's Quest make the game a lot more palatable and gives the game the much needed breath of life for people to enjoy today.

  17. Not bashing the video itself, but I found it funny when you bash some other ROM hacks that you find useless, while praising the hacks that put back the crosses in censored video games. Like wow, you can see the cross in a screenshot. Is it worth replaying the game to see a cross?
    Anyways, I love rom hacks in general.

  18. When will there be a 'Getting the best Quality of your Pong Console'? I mean there are a lot of it, but i think you can manage it ;D

  19. Pokemon Red and Blue now have full color hacks, with the option of either original sprites or ones based on Gold and Silver!

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