Wonderful MODOK returns + FREE crystals giveaway – Marvel Future Fight

MODOK returns + FREE crystals giveaway – Marvel Future Fight

MODOK is back and he got some crystals to give…
1 – Subscribe
2 – Leave a comment with Your in game name + your favourite future fight character
3 – Winners picked at random
4 – Results in two days so stay tuned!
Disclaimer: Winners have 48 hours to claim the prize after the announcement.

Rain and Tears by Neutrin05 Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library

– This video is a part of the MARVEL Future Fight Star Agent program, and was created with the support of Netmarble.
MODOK returns + FREE crystals giveaway – Marvel Future Fight

35 Replies to “Wonderful MODOK returns + FREE crystals giveaway – Marvel Future Fight”

  1. IGN: sagnizard
    Favourite Character: Captain America
    I also like Deadpool. But Cap is my all time favourite superhero!

  2. IGN: ThunderXherdan
    favorite char: Nova
    i also really like the Nova corp. i hope NM will release some content in the future with this corp.

  3. Ign: deadsthroke501
    My favorite character is Blade and I really hope He will get a uniform in the future, or at least a rework

  4. IGN : bapighosh12
    Favorite character: Captain Marvel
    Congrats for 1k subs bro…💐💐💐💐
    And also my Twitter name – bapighosh516

  5. IGN: ballafett
    Favorite character: Emma Frost. Have been a fan for a long time and she's my highest ranking character (rank 46)

  6. Ign: chxstark
    Favorite character: Iron Man aka Tony Stark, as you can see from that ridiculous ign 😂

  7. In Game Name: 2947t7w9q
    Sorry, but i don't have a twitter account. I am including my gmail account. Hope its not a problem.
    Gmail account: allanfern516@gmail.com
    Favourite character: Sharon Rogers( Dark star armour).
    Edited cuz i forgot to add my favourite character.

  8. Ign:- ThugLifeIsBest
    Favorite character:- Human Torch!!

    Happy to see you back moon bro! I was a subscriber earlier before you took a break! Also, when you were fighting proxima, a lot of particle effects we're not appearing.. how do you do that? Play at lower graphic quality or is there some other option?

  9. IGN – Lisal

    Favorite Character – Corvus (Specially with the Infinity War Uniform, the details on that is amazing!)

  10. IGN: Limerx808
    Favorite Character: Magneto
    (I have a lot of chars that I really like, but Mags has grown on me despite not being very powerful in-game) 🙂

  11. IGN-TheKingJester
    Favourite character is IW Iron Man cause his skills all look so deadly and the armour's slick as hecc

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