Unbelievable GAMESTOP SOLD ME A BROKEN GAME (cracked disc) | DeeDave

GAMESTOP SOLD ME A BROKEN GAME (cracked disc) | DeeDave

GameStop sold me a broken game, it was a cracked Xbox One game. How did this get past the workers with out being known?
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GAMESTOP SOLD ME A BROKEN GAME (cracked disc) | DeeDave

24 Replies to “Unbelievable GAMESTOP SOLD ME A BROKEN GAME (cracked disc) | DeeDave”

  1. comon……than again ….. i grabed a copy of resident evil 5…. i didn't check but it works…… i get it but comon check next time! i will for sure.

  2. that is why no matter what if the game is used. i always check the disc this way i know if the game is good or not right there. if something is wrong with it i ask for another copy. if the store doesn't have it. i tell them that's OK i don't want it thank you.

  3. How come you didnt look the back of your disc before buying it? Today i went and sold 4 for 60 bucks and could get a new copy of a recently ps4 exclusive, oh and the guy checked all my discs on the back

  4. Yesterday I bought a copy of Kirby squeak squad for my ds, and the cartridge won’t be accepted with my ds. I hate GameStop and I’m going to shop on amazon from now on. Don’t buy from GameStop. The will frequently scam people. Go at your own risk.

  5. Yeah, they also sold me a scratched up copy of Animal Crossing on GameCube years back. Needless to say, I haven't shopped there in a VERY long time except for one time when I bought a PS3 controller charger cable for my ex.

  6. hey man I know what you're feeling GameStop sold me a game that had spots all over it I played the game for at least an hour and right after that the game immediately stopped playing my night was completely ruined a those bastards sold me a broken game

  7. Do you want to know how many games I've bought from GameStop and they haven't worked they keep screwing me with used games that don't work on my 360

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