Stupendous NEW GAME TRAILERS 2019 | Weekly #6

NEW GAME TRAILERS 2019 | Weekly #6

NEW GAME TRAILERS 2019 Weekly #6 | Apex Legends, Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, Chernobylite, Metro Exodus, Anthem, Mortal Kombat 11, Days Gone, World War Z,

0:00 Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

1:07 Chernobylite

2:01 Metro Exodus

5:58 Anthem

7:06 Mortal Kombat 11

9:31 Days Gone

11:44 Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

12:27 World War Z

13:19 Apex Legends

14:55 Monster Hunter World
NEW GAME TRAILERS 2019 | Weekly #6

20 Replies to “Stupendous NEW GAME TRAILERS 2019 | Weekly #6”

  1. Metro Exodus seems to be a great game. Hopefully, the finished product does not stray too far away from the trailer.

  2. Бляяя как ару с "русской песни" про Фреди Крюгера из трейлера Chernobylite или как там

  3. Metro looks amazing!
    If you have 40 seconds feel free to stop by and check our our new VR games trailer:
    Thanks guys.

  4. Aren't you guys sick of "start the level, kill the monsters, move to next level"…? Doesn't matter if it's post apocalyptic, primal world, new star system, or running around someone's basement…they seem all the same to me. Go here, do that, kill everyone or everything, go to next level, go there do that kill everything. Whatever. Boring as hell. Which, by the way, is boring. Hell I mean.

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