Stupendous Google Dinosaur Game SPEED HACKS

Google Dinosaur Game SPEED HACKS

This turned out to be more of a comedy thing than a tutorial, next video will be blockgame I promise 😛

Today I will show you how to hack the Google dinosaur game to go sanic speed. If you didn’t notice, here is the command:
Just press F12 and enter that in console, gl hf

Oh yeah here are some important links too
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Google Dinosaur Game SPEED HACKS

43 Replies to “Stupendous Google Dinosaur Game SPEED HACKS”

  1. HEY EVERYONE! Almost a year later I made a sequel to this video! Check it out, it has this speed hack in it AND 4 other cool hacks you can check out. Thanks!

  2. no coment, this guy makes real scor 12.000!!! no photo shop bullshit

  3. Hi BillehBawb, What do you think if play Dino Run in real world and it is
    Sorry to trouble you !

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