Stupendous Doom 2 1996 Tournament! Sslasher vs Galiu 1

Doom 2 1996 Tournament! Sslasher vs Galiu 1

In showing the history of Deathmatch as well as Id Software’s release of Doom Classic on the iPhone ( the AGP is proud to present Doom 2!

This tournament took place in 1996 and is called DMcon1. They had 2 tournaments there, one for Map1, and one for Dwango5. Map1 was played much slower and more protective than Dwango5, as you will see. Also, watch the special use of the BFG.

This is the final of the Map1 tourney. Sslasher (pov) vs Galiu.

Presented here by the AGP (Association of Gaming Professionals).
Doom 2 1996 Tournament! Sslasher vs Galiu 1

40 Replies to “Stupendous Doom 2 1996 Tournament! Sslasher vs Galiu 1”

  1. Honestly the 2004-2010 gen. had the most skilled duel players, and it wasn't only about D2M1. Nerds like Turska, Ocelot, Chewy, or Gyross would eat those guys for lunch 🙂

  2. The BFG work like this, becaues of how the game works the BFG doesn't actually have to directly hit as long as you can see your enemy. You can hit enemies fine if you shoot at the wall and then look out at your enemy because they will still get hit by it. Doom also wasn't made with multiplayer dm in mind that's because the weapons are overpowered compared to other games like quake where you need to hit your opponent multiple times for them to die unlike doom where they die in one bfg blast

  3. This was actually fun to watch (even though this was from 9-10 years back)…Both of the players, here, are incredibly good; which makes this interesting to watch, otherwise watching John Romero slaughter newbies…Most of the times, they got smoked trying to charge Romero with a pistol instead of collecting weapons and taking cover…Funny to watch…lol…

  4. Download zandronum or zdaemon and lets play this online actually! Its very fun…
    There are other maps (like dwangos) if you guys dislike the cramped ones like this…

  5. Very cool, not to mention historic! I was just reading about early Doom deathmatching & read about DMcon1. About a month later they had another netparty, aka DMcon2, although this one took place in Iowa instead of Montreal. I wish i could find some footage from the earlier Deathmatch95 though as that was supposedly broadcast on some cable TV station.

  6. Wow in the 90's the fps experience is very low compared to now, but i prefer the firts 3 map from TNT for a deathmatch

  7. I don't want to be a hater, but everyone's right. These players are camping and not playing that well. Maybe they are really top level players, but that skill level isn't on display here with lulzy one frag per minute BFG cone salvo-trading. Guys like HoJo would have destroyed them back in the day with two barrels of buckshot up in their grill.

  8. Completely unrelated to this deathmatch above, but it bothers me when people download source ports for any id Software game and then copy the source port to the original game's root folder instead of copying the .WAD's or .pk3's needed over to the source port. It doesn't really affect anything but the clutter of files really bothers me

  9. Honestly turning single player maps into dm matches wasn't too good of an idea. Glad they included dedicated dm maps in quake

  10. Any of this montreal OGs still around? I used to play on dwango montreal under the handle Sangre. Would love to catch up with some of the old crew 🙂

  11. I know the BFG essentially acts like a plasma shotgun after the ball fires, but the random firing of the gun still confuses me.

  12. Sslasher was known for his camping playstyle. Might not have been so entertaining to watch, but he was effective.

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