Stupefying Virtual Reality has a NEW gaming PROBLEM..The VR Game Trailer

Virtual Reality has a NEW gaming PROBLEM..The VR Game Trailer


Some thoughts on why the traditional way of making a video game trailer need change for vr game trailer 2019. With more people hearing about VR and VR gaming..the change needs to happen quick

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Virtual Reality has a NEW gaming PROBLEM..The VR Game Trailer

23 Replies to “Stupefying Virtual Reality has a NEW gaming PROBLEM..The VR Game Trailer”

  1. Really interesting to hear your thoughts on this subject matter
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    Eric For President VR

  2. It's a good point. But it's a problem that's existed since VR first really exploded onto the scene, even as early as the 90's. People today are just more difficult to convince because they want instant results, or the final product. That's not how the first gen of VR works, so selling it to them is extra difficult because we're now in a gaming culture that likes the massive budget, pretty visuals spectacle over an actual game that seeks to push the envelope, and if it doesn't look good and have the pin sharp UHD visuals and 60fps watermark, then it'll get shit on or passed over. Convincing people what VR actually is, and that it has to run games with cut down visuals, but offers an immersion that a standard game just can't even remotely touch is a hard sell, because you have to experience the thing first hand with actual hardware than show it off in a trailer, because you just instantly lose the VR aspect of it doing that. I think you're spot on in that you have to show a game that stands up on its own merit, rather than trying to push the fact that its VR,. Not only this, but you have to show something that can only be done in VR to intrigue the viewer into wanting to try it. It's not going to be easily solved. Not currently at any rate.

  3. I think VR games need demos first and foremost. So many times I've seen a game that looks good but think "I can spend $25 or 30 this, or I can get a case for my HMD, 3D printed Knuckle style controller holders, a VR cover etc. If a game is good and a Dev is proud of their work, a demo should be a given. Also, 2 of my favorite games I nearly passed on because I didn't know if I would like the controls/ gameplay (Ultrawings and Sairento)

  4. Your background is getting so many VR things. You brought up some really good points and we definently need to get some good trailers. How's work been?

  5. Unfortunately the VR space is very young and the need to let gamers know in every trailer is a product of that. It doesn't really bother me but I do understand. It will get better and games with a narrative will have an easier time with this yet games like space junkies probably will put VR in your face first.

  6. Boi lone echo is a story game so no shit ther not going to show the person playing it thats the whole point of a story game so comparing it with a multilayer game thats all about the player is a comparison

  7. It's fine to mention it in a subtle way, like start off with a kid puting on a PSVR or something, then just play it like any other trailer.

  8. I was with you until your dvd screen saver is in the background and I was just watching it hoping it would hit perfectly in the corner.. haha

  9. Yeah I agree. The trailer for Space Junkies is a direct copy of the movie, Gamer, which regularly shows the mental, close-up reactions of the actual players in the game. The reason why it fails is that the viewer can't relate or connect with those people: they're weird and annoying and don't sell the game.

  10. that's all trailers now mate, publishers/devs have become greedy, lying scumbags and trailers of any sort even movie trailers are flat out lies.

  11. As a starting VR developer, something I feel is obvious is that trailers should be in VR (360°), or at least have a VR version! But no developers are giving that option… Great video as always!

  12. Love this. Great write up on the challengers developers face creating VR trailers. Intrigued to see what you think of the Doctor Who – Edge Of Time trailer when we launch it.

  13. Lol

    When you said let's now show a good vr trailer I knew it was going to be Lone Echo

    That game does soooooooo many things right


    Great topic and discussion. I agree the trailer and media behind a VR game launch or any game launch should be a reflection of how good the same is. This being said everyone has different triggers and I would image creating a trailer is not an easy task. I prefer to see game play and not a much cut scenes ect BUT that being said story is also important to me and that is usually relayed via cut scenes and pretty graphics.

  14. This is basically the equivalent of those cringe worthy 80s game commercials that spent most of their screen time showing close ups of over excited kids waving their controllers around, or leaning side to side at the PC. "Wow! Look at this new gaming thing! How exciting! See how hyped these kids are? That can be you too! VIDEO GAMES!"
    People who have VR don't need to be sold VR. Sell the game, not the platform. One naturally leads to the other. If your game footage isn't compelling enough to sell on it's own, the reverse was never going to work anyway.

  15. I do agree. I also find the lack of VR video content of these VR Trailers to be more disturbing. I should be able to go into YouTube in VR, play a VR Game trailer and be completely immersed in the trailer. I get what you are saying in terms of selling VR to those who never played it, but in general I mean. A lot of VR games would benefit if they also release 360 video content.

  16. yes a game has to be able to stand on it's own. However I think With VR some games/activities can be more interesting than if there were in a pancake game. This having to do with presence and willing suspension of disbelief, something that many people seem to actively fight against. In the instance of the more 'artsy' trailers that don't convey the hook of a game, what you didn't include was that , to be successful, they are a part of a larger barrage of marketing that is shows why we should care. The initial GOW wild world trailer was after weeks(months?) of Cliffy B talking about how he had to get people to trust him about the chainsaw gun along with gameplay and tech showcases. Where the Spacejunkies commercial was pretty much on it's own as far as the wider VR public was concerned. If nothing else it looks like the end of a commercial campaign where now that we have had commercials 1-3 showing you the meat and bones mechanics here is some goofy fun you can do because you're in vr.

    instead they just skipped to the end.

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