Stupefying MyTEAM Unlimited $250,000 Tournament Preview – NBA 2KTV S5. Ep. 21

MyTEAM Unlimited $250,000 Tournament Preview – NBA 2KTV S5. Ep. 21

The #MyTEAM #Unlimited $250,000 Tournament is here! We have all the info you need heading into the most competitive MyTEAM event ever! Including how you can watch from home from the MyTEAM menu in NBA 2K19, and on Learn about the cards and strategies these 32 players will use on Saturday and how you can become a better MyTEAM player just by watching! And of course, we have your Top Plays.

Check out NBA #2KTV in NBA 2K19 and on the MyNBA2K19 app.

MyTEAM Unlimited $250,000 Tournament Preview – NBA 2KTV S5. Ep. 21

32 Replies to “Stupefying MyTEAM Unlimited $250,000 Tournament Preview – NBA 2KTV S5. Ep. 21”

  1. This is just bullshit. Couple of these 98 pc players shown in this video are cheaters for sure I know them for long time. They just use CE to reach 98 ovr. And you guys can not even anti this kind cheating. This game is fucked up. I will not buy and join any activity about 2K next year.

  2. Trash I did the same dunk LeBron did and sent it in to 2ktvwow but because I'm not LeBron I don't get featured cool.🖕

  3. " We are going to see a mix of players " no nigga literally everyone plays Greek freak at PG …… , Not to mention the cheesy full court press while getting off balled …. Oh God can't believe they are actually giving the winner 250k actually money SMH about to get ready to watch the 5-out shit too 💀

  4. Tihs system only for USA. Europe has more skills player in %, 4-5k points its impossble. But in 2k18 supermax top 100 its 70%+ from Europe… 2K…

  5. Iam done!!!! This youtube video oppen my eyes,,how 2k try manipulates my team mode.. listen when he say you need to learn how use does players!!! Why?? Because 2k nerf every player you buy!!!! To make you buy more packs in the future for better players!!!!! I know something was wrong with my players on my team mode!!!! Scam ,scam,scam

  6. the game was shit all year, then they patch it right before the tournament to try and make the game not look like the piece of shit it is, this should be hilarious to watch all the pick and pop cheese

  7. Oh my! That's my lineup at 3:38 Thank you sooo much 2K! ❤️ you guys! Keep up the fantastic work. Vote for me everyone! Please.

  8. Uh oh, the delayers and lag switch users are going to have to play live in front of people. They are going to get exposed big time, hahaha!

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