Stunning Godzilla The Video Game PS3 – First Trailer (Audio Remake)

Godzilla The Video Game PS3 – First Trailer (Audio Remake)

After I saw the new trailer of Godzilla video, so I decided to make my edited version with revamped sound effects and music. 🙂

I really hope you like it. 🙂

Wanna see original trailer? Watch this:
Godzilla The Video Game PS3 – First Trailer (Audio Remake)

40 Replies to “Stunning Godzilla The Video Game PS3 – First Trailer (Audio Remake)”

  1. I wish this game would come to 360, the Wii or at least PC! I dont have a PS3 and I have played all three of the past Gojira games and I need to play this one!!!

  2. I Really thought this was gonna have 2014 untill the time he roared
    It changed go godzillasmash3

  3. ive seen lots of comments saying "im not getting this game becouse of the graphics" well im getting this game becouse it looks awsome, and im just saying you guys who hate it becouse it "dosnt" look like modern day graphics thats stupid

  4. I'm sitll trying to figure out how they're gonna get Toho Gojira, who is about the size of the winged Muto, to compete with Legendary's Godzilla? He's about 3 times the size as Toho Goji! Either this isn't a monster fighting game, or they had to drastically reduce the size of Legendary's Godzilla.

  5. Hmmmm why not other consoles for this game? even though it's japan made for their own do. If there were to be the most successful game ever made in history turning out to be a Godzilla game free roamed by being playable as humans and monsters or whatever. That would absolutely take a lot and a lot of countless money, efforts, scaling, decent animation, sounds, graphics, maps, who knows how much times would take to make something that decent when it comes to having gigantic ass monsters running around or for them to be playable by us and you don't know how long and hard it is to make games this rated. That's why you don't see Godzilla games often since unleashed and the other previous. Well yea i mean it would cool to see a Godzilla game like what i just explained but damn i know what it is to animate a massive being like i did in a Autodesk Max 3D and a Unity software to like test a game but i gave up because it's too long to make but for a monster like Godzilla, it's a whole another story. That's how i thought for the reason there hasn't been 1 Godzilla game made just as how other big popular games come out nowadays. Let's see how this Godzilla turns out!. 🙂

  6. i know this is probably gonna sound stupid but wouldn't it be cool if they gave godzilla different skins like the original godzilla or the burnt form of godzilla even the 1998 zilla maybe even godzilla jr that would be pretty badass

  7. Tbh, this new game looks, "eh". Reminds me of Godzilla Generations back on the dreamcast. However, i think the next Godzilla game Atari makes (hopefully) will be released on both the xbox and playstation, yet i hope they are released on the next gen consoles instead of the 360 and the 3.

  8. what if you had the abilatie to unlock EVERY godzilla 1954 all the way to 2014, and all with there generations roar and all the other monsters too

  9. @King Asylus This Part of this Game is Godzilla Smash3 in 0:57. Is For Iphone Ios and Android Too.

  10. O.O  my god I waiting for a new Godzilla game since the Godzilla Unleashed¡¡¡¡ in 2007 that equals 7 years of waiting¡¡¡ I cant wait for this game¡¡¡

  11. So, the original Godzilla from the first film is appearing in this new game as one of the bosses or as a playable DLC character?

  12. It's the BioGoji design from Godzilla Vs. Biollante/Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah up until 0:53 when the LegendaryGoji design appears. BTW, did anyone see the new Godzilla movie released on May 16?

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