Startling Who Cracks your Games? Let's Explore: The Underground World of The Warez Scene

Who Cracks your Games? Let's Explore: The Underground World of The Warez Scene

The world of the warez scene has been a topic I’ve been interested in exploring for quite a while now. Underground organizations, especially related to hacking, programming and the internet are a very fun topic for me to delve into. I’ve always wondered who the people that crack games actually are and what their daily lives are like.

So in this video I’ve explained none of that, I just said “fascinating” a bunch of times and played Overwatch horrendously.

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Who Cracks your Games? Let's Explore: The Underground World of The Warez Scene

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  1. no one wants to watch you play shitty overwatch. I was interested in the topic but im not sitting here watching you run around for 13 minutes in a game that's completely irrelavent.

  2. I had once been invited to a lesser known scene group and have several friends who are members. I have participated in several public groups in the past, but our focus was more on software protection and not game protection. The group to which I was invited had several members of different specialties. There were some that were suppliers which provided retail software and games. Some of these were purchased with stolen credit cards, some were from hacks, and some were purchased legitimately. There were graphics designers that created the nice GUI interfaces for keygens and patchers, as well as programmers that helped make custom tools. There were also one or more testers that would rigorously test every feature in a game or software to make sure the crack was working correctly before releasing it on the topsites. The crackers themselves were split into several specialties. There were those who were well versed in unpacking or circumventing complex protections like armadillo, vmprotect, themida, etc., others who were talented at keygenning complex algorithms, and other moderately skilled crackers with no specialized talent. In the short time I interacted with them, we were much like a family. We would share knowledge and tools amongst each other and combine our knowledge to attack more complex targets.

  3. I was part of a group in the late 90's, back then it was all about being in a awesome underground community. It was alot more accesable back then, I talked to many members of the big groups at the time such as CLASS and MYTH. When DOD got busted I was running down my Nans with binbags full of cds paranoid to fuck!

  4. Video: codex, skidrow-
    Me: What, who, cracked ? Whose talking about crack bitch i don't know what you- motherfuckers run they got us!!!

  5. I am here after reading all bunch of stuffs about codec and movie encoding/decoding groups, then torrents and yes next up probably gonna dig deeper about the histories, procedures and where these…things going to.
    Personally i've just discovered the existence of this underground community a couple hours ago and i find it pretty interesting.

    There's this guy name Matthew Thompson (former-anonymously known as Wicked1 , u guys probably heard about), he's a former member of a pirated movie-release group called Centropy – a legendary organization of The movie Scene. 2005 was probably the most terrifying year of his life as he was raided by the FBI ( for being a member of the Warez Scene – which was subjectively considered as a criminal system (it now actually is too :v).
    Here's the article about the matter: .

    I find his share about this secret community very interesting, unfortunately it seems to have stopped. I dont know why…

  6. More people would buy games if they were actually good and worth the price. I think most pirate games because they are not worth the price but still want to see what the game has to offer anyways. And i would bet that if they were not able to pirate games, they would not play the game AT ALL.

  7. if you are going to pirate at least be honest and stop pretending pirates are victims. Truth is they are arseholes who steal because they can.

  8. I saw this only had 6k views and thought it was gonna suck…nope! What a great well-researched video! You deserve way more views.

  9. Honestly this video is out of date and Fxp boards no longer exist and I know the exact resources he used to make this video. This video would have been relevant in 2005

  10. You sumed it up in a nutshell though more to it in detail… I was a Topsite owner in my 20s (now 42) at the time was a 80tb private dedicated server along with running a prebot and all database also had a little to do with a botnet that hacked PC s around the world just before I got into running a Topsite.. Much respect to the groups that also put hours into there cracking as well as hours a Topsite owner has spent running and keeping there servers up and running 👍

  11. What they call piracy is the soul of creativity and human evolution, anarchy is creativity and true freedom, working in something out of passion. Copy rights and private property are made for control and exploitation of the many by the few. The law of the few constricts the creativity. Regardless of the laws people would support the passion that others invest in a project that benefits people with similar passions

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