Startling Top 5 best tips on HOW to win a tournament in Golf Clash!

Top 5 best tips on HOW to win a tournament in Golf Clash!

Hey guys and gals,

This is my top 5 tips on how to win a tournament in the game of Golf Clash. Om going through my best tips and explaining how they work.

This is a video that has been requested for a long time and Im happy to have it done.

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Top 5 best tips on HOW to win a tournament in Golf Clash!

25 Replies to “Startling Top 5 best tips on HOW to win a tournament in Golf Clash!”

  1. Hi Tommy can I just start by saying thanks your info towards the game is amazing but can I just add that when u out your guides up for the tourney I've noticed that you'd do videos with rj and I see that you will give advice on going down the white line guide and rj will go down the black guide line route both excellently the way but can I please add that I have noticed just recently with these new holes in tournaments etc that when playing these holes that in certain winds that they is a 3rd way to play these holes . I would love to add my input if you would be interested in my input that is as I am no were as good as you are but I am the risk taker which a lot of players are and if using power 5

  2. Tommy, so if I make it to the weekend round, and and it has already started, I will be put into a bracket as soon as I spend the app, even if I haven’t went into the tournament tab yet? Are you saying that if you know the opening tournament ends in 5 hours and you are already in place to move on, maybe don’t open Golf Clash for a day and then open it up when the weekend round has 10 hours left or something?

  3. So just out of curiosity, how do we know what hole is coming up so we can pick the right clubs? Is there a way to preview the course that I'm not aware of so I know when to switch them between holes?

  4. Hey Tommy I opened my app today to see if I qualified to play the final round this weekend did I automatically put myself in a bracket

  5. Merle Love hey Merle I’m right there with ya. I’m paralyzed from the chest down have use of arms but no finger movement. You’re talking to the right guy. Tommy is awesome he’s giving me some advice. Like the suggestion that he gave in this video I actually waited to play my 3rd qualifier. I didn’t play the first qualifier because I didn’t have enough coins. Well finally grinded out enough money to play the second qualifier but I didn’t make it with -8. So yesterday I played the third one but I waited till late at night. When I started to play the tournament there was only three people in the bracket. I would’ve made it regardless since I shot -14 but it did help starting late.

  6. Nice video Tommy. One question – You stated that when we open up the app, we're automatically assigned to a bracket. Just to make sure – is it when we open the app or when we tap on the tournament joining icon? I ask since I'd like to at least grind my division some to avoid relegation but if I can't even open the app then I'll have to take the day off from GC. Hope that made sense. Thanks again!

  7. Regarding distance, people should not forget the bonus a special ball will give you on the distance. That extra 10 yards of big dawg versus sniper with the ball bonus is an extra 12-13 yards.

  8. great tips Tommy .My biggest anxiety was seeing people with purple flags and with trophies but now i dont really see it that way .I just look at it now as i can learn from that person are not ..So thanks for good advice

  9. Thanks, Tommy! Great stuff! Congrats on the gold in the winter games tourney! I didn’t realize they had given you that banner. I’m really glad to see they corrected that to get rid of that cheater.

  10. I would like to expound on tip #5.
    5. Practice and Study. Learn how to play each hole for the best possible score.
    Almost every tournament that I have won, I was able to score an eagle consistently on a hole where everyone else was consigned to take an easy Birdie. Not simply a good or lucky shot, but a better way to consistently score an eagle every time.

    Tip #6: Concentrate on making every shot at the pin as accurately as possible.
    Many times the winning shot for the entire tournament is that one additional hole in one, or one additional eagle that no one else achieved!

    Good luck everyone!

  11. Tommy, you, RJ and Kevin Warren are the best GC contributors. Congratulations. But be aware that very few other players have 10 billion coins, max all clubs and and hundreds of balls. Most of us are struggling at Tour 5, 6 or 7 to improve. Your guys is brilliant. Keep in going ! But help us poor guys and gals at 1000 trophies and a few thousand coins please !!

  12. Tommy, as a multiple tournament winner in Golf Clash I commend you! I also thank you as these are also tips that I have learned from you in the past to win the tournaments that I have won. These are all very excellent keys to winning!

  13. Hi Tommy. On you forth tip about waiting. What about time zones as a UK person starting at 10.a.m if a guy in America would be playing at 1-4a.m. I always played early I would be pitted against a guy or gal who may of had a few bourbons (whiskey). Now after your tip everyone will be at it early to avoid you lol.. YNWA buddy.

  14. Thanks Tommy for your help. We will be having a practice lesson together. I like the way you teach the game. I won't have any money till the first of the month. I don't think you know that am disabled, am in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. But my friend I love life and God.

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