Staggering jiji l0l games 14~

jiji l0l games 14~

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-Song at the end is by emancipator – safe in the steep cliffs
-any editing used – sony vegas 13
-headsets dont have any ear cups because i took them off, i only use the mic (so mics doesnt pick up as much room noise/sound)
jiji l0l games 14~

31 Replies to “Staggering jiji l0l games 14~”

  1. For all the haters on his "bm whistling"… listen to the music in the background – he's just chillin to some tunes. Get on the hate train -.-

  2. wtf is wrong with these top comments?
    whistling while gaming is not disrespective.
    bigfat is a good player and his bm in game is just funny

    source- im in d1 and i often play with him

  3. The actual reason some good players won't get above 1k viewers is that they don't share enough of their own personality, so people don't find anything they can relate to. Most of the successful streamers usually have some way to share their life through social media. Now I'm not saying bigfatlp isn't doing that. But the content just isn't enough to show that he is actually worth following. Of course there are exceptions but those people usually bring something else to the table. What I'm saying is people want to know who they are supporting, whether they are donating or just watching. 

  4. Personally, I love his whistles. He always does it when he's makin' plays. It's like his soundtrack of impending doom that helps him focus or something.

  5. The whistling isn't an issue, my friend sings/hums on vent and I wanna fucking kill him. I've muted my his annoying ass at times but that ain't BM. That's a moot point. My issue with this video is that I was hoping to find good plays without the senseless gloating.

    A lot of people are defending his whistling but critics just think it's annoying… The BM is separate which I think you understand but just refuse to talk about. I think you guys are trying to give us the position that whistling is the BM but it's not; it's his typing.

    Willful ignorance… look it up kids. He IS being toxic and he is being a smug asshole in /all chat after every play. You just don't think so because you probably type similar shit so it MUST be okay.

    If I'm happy about making a play I'll usually say something like… "Fuck yeah, gj team let's push an objective." I don't need to talk shit to make myself feel better. It's petty and immature. Some of you will rage and say I'm sensitive but I'm not I just call out assholes when I see them with the hopes that others will be less afraid of calling out bullshit. That's fine though, you guys will learn one day… or you'll remain a child, incapable of dealing with others in a rational way. That's on you, I suppose, I can't dictate your social development. Good luck with it guys.

  6. All this hate on jiji makes me sad. Annoying whistle? BM? Such bad broken englando? It's his fucking streaming persona. If you don't like it, move on. But insulting him for it is just ignorant. Ignorant because you don't know him. WCG? Dreamhack? Most legit Ashe arrow? Difference between bigfatjiji/lp? That's right, you have no fucking idea. You just happened to find a link to this video on reddit and you felt like hating because he doesn't match your favorite streamer. Great job, you just trashtalked the guy who, along with Hotshot, Regi and the rest of the old guard, made League of Legends that big fucking deal of a game which you are playing today.

  7. Dang these people are harsh. I like his whistling. It makes the video more funny for me and isn't annoying. Haters be haters I guess. GG

  8. Da hate, i know you stream, i know youre good, and i don't watch often but all i see is hate in the comments, maybe be a little more friendly it seems.

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