Spectacular My Friend Pedro – Launch Trailer

My Friend Pedro – Launch Trailer

My Friend Pedro brings blood, bullets, and bananas to PC and Nintendo Switch today.
My Friend Pedro – Launch Trailer

48 Replies to “Spectacular My Friend Pedro – Launch Trailer”

  1. I rlly wanna play this game I saw jack septiceye play it but shit its not on ps4 that’s the only console I’ve got damn it

  2. dude that pan must of been made by the pros on the hit show forged in fire it

    "it will protect your organs"

  3. I like the fact that you can actually do almost all of the things the protagonist did in this trailer in game

  4. Shooters with good movement mechanics : we have the best movement gimmicks and mechanics

    My friend pedro : hold my beer

  5. I'm so going as him for Halloween, it would be nice to use my board as an accessory for this costume, I love the game My Friend Pedro, can't wait to get my hands on it

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