Spectacular Groups Day 3 | 2019 World Championship

Groups Day 3 | 2019 World Championship

2019 World Championship Groups #Worlds2019

Invictus Gaming vs. DAMWON Gaming
ahq eSports Club vs. Team Liquid
FunPlus Phoenix vs. Splyce
CTBC J Team vs. GAM Esports
GRIFFIN vs. Hong Kong Attitude
G2 Esports vs. Cloud9

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Groups Day 3 | 2019 World Championship

32 Replies to “Spectacular Groups Day 3 | 2019 World Championship”

  1. Timestamp to the Highlights of the games. Spoiler Warning! (Marked with a * are the best highlights of the game (My Opinion))
    (If some of my timings are off/wrong, just comment, will fix it.)

    IG vs DWG:
    Overall a good game, with a bit of downtime in the midgame after the first Teamfight.
    1:34:11 Pick/Ban phase
    1:41:26 Game Start
    1:45:25 First Gank
    1:46:28 Bot lane Fight (First Blood)
    1:47:00 Midlane skirmish (Nothing special)
    1:50:05 Bot lane again
    1:54:27 Hot to Towerdive
    1:55:00 Jayce outplayed
    1:57:01 Bot skirmish (replay since the Live was cut short)
    2:00:58 First teamfight
    2:08:15 Baron Sneak
    2:09:35 The Shy missposition (stay for the teamifght shortly after)
    2:11:59 * Next Teamfight (The shy pops off)
    2:14:13 Pick into fight
    2:16:55 Elder into fight
    2:18:24 Next and Last Teamfight (Stay for the end)

    AHQ vs TL:
    Fun game to watch. Both team where there to fight, regardless of being a member down or baron buffs.
    2:36:42 Pick/Ban phase
    2:44:00 Game Start
    2:46:57 First Blood
    2:47:20 Second gank
    2:49:42 Third gank
    2:52:26 Why you should not facecheck bushes
    2:53:01 Impact bites more then he can chew
    2:55:45 Fight over infernal
    2:56:25 Xmithie gets poped
    2:57:38 Why you should never chase into no vision (Stay until Doublelift death)
    3:00:08 First 5 vs 5
    3:02:55 Xmithie gets poped again
    3:05:15 When a failed flash hook, lets you look like Iron 5 in Worlds 🙂
    3:05:44 Small brawl
    3:06:41 Raindow gets caught
    3:07:27 Jensen gets a bailout from his team
    3:09:53 When you throw 4 Ults at the enemy and nothing happens.
    3:11:40 CoreJJ sees the grey screen after he blinks
    3:12:04 Brawl
    3:14:08 Teamfight into Baron
    3:16:30 Small brawl
    3:20:00 Teamfight (Stay Till Baron) (That Rainbow missplay cost the game in the end)
    3:24:35 * Teamifight – Stay till the end (Never underestimate Renekton)

    FPX vs SPY
    Active early, slow mid to lategame. Just watch the highlights.
    3:43:30 Pick/Ban phase
    3:49:01 Game Start
    3:51:50 First blood
    3:52:20 First Gank
    3:53:45 Botlane brawl
    3:57:25 Toplane Dive
    4:00:40 Midlane Dive
    4:04:00 First big Brawl
    4:05:53 Facecheck into Teamfight
    4:08:15 Fight for Drake
    4:11:35 Short brawl
    4:12:45 Denied Baron Attempt
    4:16:10 * Crisp picked into baron into teamfight
    4:22:24 Humanoid gets poped (Stay to the end)

    JT vs GAM
    Slow start. The Splyce tactic was pretty simple. Remove baron vision, bait enemy team, pop Noc + kled Ult and just run them down. They did this over and over and over again, making it pretty fun to watch actually.
    4:41:20 Pick/Ban Phase
    4:49:40 Game Start
    4:52:35 First Blood
    4:53:05 Kled does Kled things
    4:58:20 Detahless small brawl
    5:01:35 * 1 Min Towerdive (Syndra dies and TP backs to the end of the fight) 🙂
    5:04:30 Small brawl for Infernal
    5:05:10 Midlane pick
    5:06:30 Botlane Gank
    5:08:15 Midlane Gank
    5:09:50 Extended back and forth (Until GP Death)
    5:12:10 Slay dies again
    5:15:20 Short Brawl
    5:20:50 Extended 5 vs 5
    5:25:30 Teamfight
    5:27:25 And another fight (stay till end)

    GRF vs HKA
    Explosive start, but really passive junglers. Some brawls around objectives. Pretty Boring game to be honest.
    5:45:45 Pick/Ban Phase
    5:52:43 Game Start
    5:53:00 * First 5 vs 5
    5:55:20 2 vs 2 river fight
    5:58:20 Bot lane brawl
    6:06:30 5 vs 5 around infernal
    6:15:15 Akali overextends
    6:17:25 Killing a Raidboss
    6:20:18 Jayce gets poped (small deathless afterwards)
    6:21:55 midlane brawl, stay till Baronfight.
    6:26:27 First lategame teamfight
    6:29:00 HKA last effort. Stay to the end.

    G2 vs C9
    Good game overall, even when I don't listet so many highlights. It was a short game with a few excluded near death in the highlights. But it is just what happens when you play vs Zoe. C9 simply got outclased in teamfights.
    6:48:40 Pick/Ban Phase
    6:54:20 Game Start
    6:58:38 Solo Top Lane + First Blood botlane (Replay at 6:59:38)
    7:02:49 Top lane gank, bot lane dive, Top lane dive (Ends after Elise death)
    7:05:25 Brawl botlane (Again stay until elise death)
    7:07:55 top lane brawl
    7:11:03 * Well executet towerdive
    7:13:03 Pick on wunder but G2 doesnt really need him 🙂
    7:15:38 Deathbush into desaster
    7:17:56 The start from the end.

  2. Tried watching the stream live. But the random skipping every few seconds makes it unbearable. And today the same. So sad.

  3. Is it just me or is the sound quality on the reporters mics kind of bad? Sometimes i hear some kind of phasing/echo. Haven't noticed it previous years. 🙂

  4. Why are they making sneaky suffer like this. They need nisqy to stop having off meta picks like Aatrox and trist and play a real midlaner

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