Shocking Gaming History: Unreal Tournament “The total package”

Gaming History: Unreal Tournament “The total package”

Unreal Tournament (UT 1999) – When games offered you a good singleplayer mode or a good multiplayer mode, Unreal Tournament managed to be an exceptional multiplayer FPS with bots smart enough to make playing it by yourself actually enjoyable.


(Game Description) Unreal Tournament is a first-person shooter video game developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes. The second installment in the Unreal series, it was first published by GT Interactive in 1999 for Microsoft Windows, and later released on the PlayStation 2 by Infogrames, and on the Dreamcast by Secret Level. Players compete in a series of matches of various types, with the general aim of out-killing opponents. The PC version supports multiplayer online or over a local area network. Free expansion packs were released, some of which were bundled with a 2000 re-release: Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition.

The game is based on the same technology that powered Unreal, but the design of Unreal Tournament shifted the series’ focus to competitive multiplayer action. Development took almost a year and a half, and the game was initially intended to be an expansion for Unreal. Unreal Tournament received critical acclaim, with reviewers praising the graphics, artificial intelligence and gameplay, although the console ports were noted for having limitations. The game won several awards, and the series has continued with the releases of sequels Unreal Tournament 2003 in 2002, Unreal Tournament 2004 in 2004, and Unreal Tournament 3 in 2007.

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Gaming History: Unreal Tournament “The total package”

41 Replies to “Shocking Gaming History: Unreal Tournament “The total package””

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  2. This, is in my (un)holy trinity, together with Mafia (1 only) and Max Payne (1+2)
    Back in the golden age of pc gaming, I started with Pentium 3 400 or 500 Mhz, I think 98, had a late SNES prior because well it was cheaper and games were cheap.

  3. UT is the better game, obviously, but the REAL reason UT won over Q3, was that you only could play Q3 multiplayer using licensed copies. Anyone could make a UT server. Anyone could join it. Dont need no licensed copy. Just start it and play.

  4. I remember custumizing the bots with Xan skin and God mode on everything and palying capture the flag at towers with instagid!!!! Fuck yea!!

  5. Great review! I totally agree with you. I also played the game for many years since it first came out. In
    my opinion I honestly believe that the Unreal Tournament GOTY edition is the BEST FPS GAME EVER!!! It sets the golden standard and you cannot really call it “retro”. The best feature that I love about the game is its fast action speed and fluidity. Just that combination alone kept your adrenaline going. Other features I consider impressive where the astonishing graphics for its time and the variety of arenas themes. One of those themes you didn’t mention was what I called “land of giants” where you were a one-inch tall fighter facing other players in a garage, apartment, restaurant, back yard garden, or other similar locales; big fun. To add to that you have to give a huge loud cheer to the people who created the many mods, weapons, arenas and cool themes, and to those who set-up and maintained the servers. I’m glad to hear that it works great on Windows 10. I hope to have new gaming rig soon so I can go back and try the latest mods. Thanks again for the review and the memories.

  6. the thing that impress me the most in this game is how god dam GOOD the ai to the ai of modern day games…looking at you! tf2 and other shooter….
    they know how to dodge they know how to go around map in random order or something and not stuck in the wall like other ai they KNOW HOW TO DO SHOCK COMBO..they know how to hammer jump to get power ups and so on..while being always feeling like a actual human..

  7. I have played this game over and over with bots. I didn't have internet for eternity, so that was my only option – yet this game has such a great AI system that I never felt lonely.

  8. The game manual included with Unreal Tournament for PS2 was woefully undescriptive including failing to mention hybrid controls options (simultaneous use of the DualShock 2, a USB mouse and, optionally, a USB keyboard ) as well as forgetting to print that there were 4 selectable player taunts available = if not available in splitscreen, then, otherwise, in multiplayer over a Firewire / i-Link network (North America only) between up to 4 PS2 consoles, all equipped with the "s400" jack (next to the USB jacks) all connected through a 4-pin Firewire hub if connecting more than 2 PS2 consoles. No hub required if only connecting 2 consoles. (Hybrid controls are only available to one player in splitscreen – other player is relegated to being disadvantaged with just a DualShock2 ) The following are some of the hybrid controls mapping options :
    **** Note that Unreal Tournament for PS2 can also utilize the following hybrid controls:
    __ DS2's left thumbstick for variable speed control of movement with the left shoulder buttons acting as jump / duck while simultaneously utilizing a USB mouse for looking, primary / alternate firing and the scroll wheel for scrolling through and selecting a weapon.
    __ USB keyboard and mouse – like PC gaming – chiefly utilizing the keyboard for movement and other functions ( listed in detail below ) and the USB mouse for looking, firing and, typically, weapons scrolling and selecting.
    __ All three input devices where the keyboard is relegated to other duties outside of controlling movement and firing or weapons selecting.
    ____ [Appending to keyboard functions when using all three input devices:] The LOCKING functions of USB keyboard keys such as Caps, Number, Scroll, etc. as well as the use of the F-keys row are not recognized except for F1 as mentioned below…
    _______ While mapping various actions to keyboard keys, UT for PS2 won't recognize the number keys row but WILL acknowledge numbers via the number pad. Almost all other keys ( including Enter, Shift, Cntrl, Alt, Caps Lock, Tab, Backspace, Home, Page Up/Down, Print Screen, Pause/Break, cursors ) are apparently available for assigning to the following functions after skipping past setup redundancies already mapped to the mouse and DualShock2 :
    _________ Taunt 1
    _________ Taunt 2
    _________ Taunt 3
    _________ Taunt 4
    _________ Next Weapon
    _________ Previous Weapon
    _________ Impact Hammer / Chainsaw
    _________ Enforcer
    _________ Bio Rifle
    _________ Shock Rifle
    _________ Pulse Gun
    _________ Ripper
    _________ Minigun
    _________ Flak Cannon
    _________ Rocket Launcher
    _________ Sniper Rifle/Redeemer
    _________ Translocator
    _______ Pre-assigned keyboard keys outside of DS2 and mouse redundancies for in-game actions are:
    _________ Pause/Break = Pause/Resume in-game at the HUD screen
    _________ Escape = pauses game while accessing a menu for Options | Controller Setup | Return to Game | Exit Game
    _________ F1 = cycles the HUD data.
    _________ V (same as DS2's 'Select' button) = Orders / Commands list from which to instruct All / a proximal bot / teammate [[[[{{{{ Defend | Hold this position | Attack | Follow me ("Cover Me" in the game's manual) | "Freelance" (only seen in game manual thus far) = attack AND defend where they see fit }}}}]]]]
    _________ up/down cursor keys (same as up/down on DS2's D-pad) when in menus = scroll through lists
    _________ : (the colon key) = drop / throw current weapon

    >>>>>>>>>> Enact a function with a quick key tap by the unused right hand grip of the DualShock2 especially for direct weapons selection to save valuable time otherwise required for scrolling and then pressing the mouse wheel.

  9. I completed this game from start to finish on normal difficulty, it took me few weeks….. because I was only playing it in school B-) great times

  10. Like any legendary super-cool thing humanity has ever created, people utterly failed to realize it among other stuff created at the time – stupidity factor is about 17 years right now, that is it takes 17 years of intellectual improvement in order to reflect correctly on – in this case – a brilliant video game and this is why we cannot have nice things…

  11. The new version is a great game but I'm not gonna lie, the amount of crap ranging from Prejudice to anti antisemitism when people do finally open up, woah, further, Server Admins not being able to accept better players shaking the Hud ( your viewfinder area why they even allow admins to do that, I have no clue, just disconnect people ban people) just ruins it for the entire community. Back when I played 2k on forward to Unreal 3 or something. I never remember it being so hostile up there, there were always clans just not like they are now. idk they are not a friendly bunch.

  12. I remember when I was one of the top dogs in this game. Always practicing against godlike bots, combining the shock canon hability while in mid air and using translocator only as a way to kill everyone.

    The only game that comes close to this is Tribes 2 and Tribes ascend.


    and it works on windows 7 with steam :D.

  13. I played this game sooo much. I loved it so much.
    Don't forget! You could customize EVERY NPC in soo many ways!

    There was one NPC that was crap in general with aim and everything, but once the BOT picked up it's favored weapon, it would suddenly jump like five levels in skill and be really really good.
    And soooo many custom models, and maps, and voice packs.. My god, it was such a fantastic game…

    I even modified some maps like some of the Assault maps to be harder with a lot more mortar launchers 😀
    And even experimented with my own map making. Aah. I loved it.

  14. I don't think the multiplayer of component of the main game didn't turn out to work well, I think things like deathmatch, king of the hill and especially dark match weren't as good, but things like the co-op segment, along with the endless content creation capabilities and the highly friendly community are the most enjoyable thing for me about Unreal. I don't know any game that I have played that has been capable of topping those qualities.

  15. This game was unbelievable back in the day. I remember when I first got it, and I ran it on 640 x 480 it was insane! It was known for the most sophisticated AI, graphics, maps, and multiplayer gameplay!

    The original Unreal was amazing multiplayer also, especially the Co-Op!

  16. Holy shit, WTF are you on, d00d? Unreal Tournament's bots were DE FACTO most smartest and best bots out there! They LEARNED, they ADAPTED, they were getting BETTER with time. Stop playing UT '99 on easy, you SCRUB! UT's bots are GODS.
    Unreal Tournament's bots were EXCEPTIONAL then, and STILL stay the globally recognized ETALON for FPS devs nowadays.

    well it finally happened!  meg heard about the tournament from one of her more wild buddies, grabbed a pair of faded blue jeans, an old worn-out sweatshirt, borrowed some armor from brock's girl-friend, and she was good to go!  uh.  she takes grenades in the lap better than she fires a rocket-launcher, but watch out for her wicked evil side-kick twin sister, megyn_kelly_pro!!
    in 2052, wearing red-hot faded jeans this time, meg had accumulated so massive a kill-count, that she reached mid-level heights of inhuman standards for personal combat.  offered a chance to go back to the year 2016, and support herself (in the tournament) as a twin wickedly evil side-kick shot-gun, she accepted.  in return tho, she left all her winnings to epic and liandri.  but when ya gotta,  ya gotta!!!
    unreal central ut2004 skins-ut2004
    cyathen!!  :0  -M kusanagi

  18. Been playing UT99, since the end of 2000, but didn't get the full version until around 2008, and didn't play online until early 2010. Now, I have been running my own unique, dedicated server on and off for the past five years. Still play with, and even without mods, and that in itself is a testament to how legendary this FPS is! So much more I want to say, but I don't want to type an essay. 😛

  19. No other FPS had the same level of content out of the box as the Unreal Tournament games. I still remember when I was 14 years old and played the original for the first time (at an age when Counter-Strike and LAN houses were still a thing), and this game blew my mind. Non-stop action, fantastic weapons, all kinds of levels, plenty of modes and options and human-like AI as opponents…

    Almost every shooter since UT felt incomplete to me at one or another aspect, for obvious reasons.

  20. Unreal Tournament 99' is my favorite classic.Its the only game I seem to keep coming back to even almost 17 years after release.The game play is pure Arena, fast pace FPS. Dont even get me started on the multiplayer with so many game types ,mods and maps theirs no surprise why you are still able to find a match online.I just wish Epic Games would get their heads out their asses and focus more on the new UT as a full on project not some little 'experiment', after all this is the game and community that brought them to where they are today.Anyway great vid.

  21. those good old times, pugs still happening in the irc network and afaik there is even a discord offer to get games running

  22. The voice (Seinfeld?), the garishly low-quality gameplay (not even attempted to cover up by editing), and the slightly haphazard script ("You had pyramids, you had INSANITY") make it difficult to take this entirely seriously. I'm expecting to hear it go in a more and more surreal direction the whole time.

  23. UT has got to be in the running for the best FPS of all time, I haven't played anything that touches it for the purity of the combat experience. Not to sound like an infommercial, but it has an active community and new mods, maps and other add-ons (like cheat protection) are constantly being released. It's available cheaply on Steam, Good Old Games, or for free if you upgrade the shareware (not the version 348 demo) version that was released as a bundle with a Soundblaster card (you can find it if you search online).

    It has so many unique game types too – take BunnyTrack, like running an assault course against the clock. If you think you're skilled with your controls, test yourself with it and be ready for a shock…

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