Prodigious Game Of Thrones 8X03 | CRACK

Game Of Thrones 8X03 | CRACK

I’ll be working all day to finish ep 4 crack ♥♥

Hello i know it’s been too long and I apologize for it, ep 3 had so many logic fails and inconsistencies but worst of all obvious “plot conviniences” and “biased writng” and its design was clear : make dany’s losses so big that cersei would seem like such a smart and big threat

the problem is not the loss, but how it happened, it was so lazy the writers just didn’t bother to write a coherent story that does it in an acceptable way

Braime were just epic in this episode, fighting side by side? saving each other ? that’s some epic love kinda thing (let’s not think of ep four bitterness cause i have a lot to talk about in next vid) and omg it is my favorite pairing, and the most beautiful of all Got asoiaf
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Game Of Thrones 8X03 | CRACK

39 Replies to “Prodigious Game Of Thrones 8X03 | CRACK”

  1. No missandei, without the dragon Queen we would be laughing at the funny blue people from behind the GIANT WALL that we would still have!!

  2. They're fighting blindly although they should've known the dead will swallow the charge party whole. Jon's just cautious of the ice spear against the dragons. It's the catapults that should've been used to light the battlefield. and at least trenches or even just dug-out holes to slow the swarm down. Just my opinion.

  3. I never realized that Robb and Theon are together again! there was a silver lining to season 8 after all…

  4. The original plan was to lure Nking to bran so they use dragon to burn him. The dragons would be shotdown by javalins and have no chance to dodge since it's dark

  5. U expect 8000 unsullied and 40k Dothraki inside winterfell and northmen too? It's not exactly a multistoreyed skyscraper

  6. I can't get enough of ur vids bruv! Love all the funny edits, tags and callbacks u do. Tyvm again….

  7. That was everything. I laughed until I cried. This is such good therapy for me. I'm still so sad about the way things ended. Please make a video of Arya killing things. So thrilling. Lol

  8. Arya killing NK… such fuckin' bad writing… ffs… it's like… okay it's like, in star wars episode 6, when Luke is being shocked by Palpatine and Vader is having that epic struggle with himself? you know that part? okay now imagine if instead of Vader grabbing the emperor and throwing him down the… hole thing, R2D2 appeared out of nowhere without any explanation or being involved in that part of the plot, and threw the emperor down the hole with a potato gun…

    SAME thing! would it "subvert your expectations?" yes, you would not expect it, would it be stupidly bad writing? yes…

  9. I never thought about how disappointed Robb would be in Jon's battle strategies and now I can't stop thinking about it lol

  10. Thank you so much for doing another! I have literally been waiting for these I love them so much

    Also it's minor but just once I'd like to see an actual siege instead of them just coming out past the gates to fight in a battle. Then again I know it's not great visually I'm just a nerd for siege weapons

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