Miraculous Twisted Metal – Game Trailer

Twisted Metal – Game Trailer

– Having wreaked classic turbo-charged carnage since its arrival on PS one, the demented Twisted Metal tournament is about to break through onto PS3… and it’s every man for himself!

Get trigger-happy in a twisted competition where your bullet-spitting vehicle is your deadliest weapon. One coveted prize will be given to one lucky survivor: a single wish, granted unconditionally.

Rev into action alone or blast your friends to bits online: Twisted Metal is back with a vengeance and ready to raise hell on PS3.
Twisted Metal – Game Trailer

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  1. 1:57 Is censored in full game, I think. Europe definitely but US It looks like the guy is dead when you shoot them out of the vehicle :/ Anyways, this game is super fun and this will be my second Twisted metal game >:)

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