Marvelous The MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament Finals! – NBA 2KTV S5. Ep. 24

The MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament Finals! – NBA 2KTV S5. Ep. 24

We’re in Charlotte for the #MyTEAM #Unlimited Tournament Finals! Hear directly from our finalists SkippTooMyLou & TURNUPDEFENSE, as well as special NBA guest appearances from Karl-Anthony Towns, D’Angelo Russell, and Jayson Tatum. $250,000 is on the line and we have the full experience in this week’s episode!

Check out NBA #2KTV in NBA 2K19 and on the MyNBA2K19 app.

The MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament Finals! – NBA 2KTV S5. Ep. 24

33 Replies to “Marvelous The MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament Finals! – NBA 2KTV S5. Ep. 24”

  1. In 2k20 my career player should be drafted 1 0r 2 overall its about that time come on 2k lets make it happen fans are tired of never being drafted wheres the joy whos wit me on this who wants to be drafted

  2. Thanks for including my play in this episode!! In my next offensive possession I actually hit a full court shot with Arenas as well if you look back at my Twitter clip! Shoutout to the other plays that made it as well, those were nasty!!

  3. 2K19 is TRASH!!! You guys made way to many errors and mistakes! I think your developers and engineers are "LITERALLY RETARTED" Why am I in the playoffs for championship but once I got back I'm semi finals? You're the worst , I'd rather Rockstar create a NBA GAME

  4. Park /2k problem
    -no defense. cant clamp ppl up.
    -non tier 3 dribblers dribbling trying to be tier 3s
    -no real crossovers
    -cant steal from non tier 3
    -it's a puresharp/stretch game
    which means NO TEAM WORK or IQ is required bcz of all shootin on ppl.
    -requires low IQ
    ps. just bcz it's a game doesn't mean u shud stray away from how basketball a game is really played. madden doesn't do, MLB nor FIFA.

  5. Can u guys put ur priorities on making ur damm game better. Like cmon with the pushing. It’s been sixth months and still part of the game and it breaks the point of competing and encourages being toxic and cheating to win. Also, fix up the lag outs in the damm events. And stop worrying about 2k20 or 2k mobile when there are still many more months for NBA 2k19 to play. Fix up ur game then u will earn more money than u do rn.

  6. Y'all know damn well that's B.S. y'all got Wilt Chamberlain hitting 3's like that on 2K. If I was ole boy, I'd be mad as fuck. 🤣😂

  7. Well that's all cool and stuff like that man but playing Realty fence a really important that you can I have will change a 3-pointer shot shooting 3-pointers what the hell is the whole point of got to play real balm and it's a video game yeah but I just want to get the real feel when you got to get the roof kind of send his lunch in threes Kevin McHale hitting threes it makes no sense

  8. Really love how you destroyed #MyTeam, no #AllStar moments challenges or special cards to earn. Oh, and no more fucking content. #OverIt


  10. Can yall remove pushing out the game already? All these Elite Squads in the park just push you the entire game to get open since they lack the legit skills to get open …

  11. Fuck this shit. Stop patchin rep methods. 25 point lead to ask out now? Y’all mfs at 2K Sports headquarters are playin. Y’all already put caps on each way we score, sittin there for an hour a game on Hall of Fame ain’t gone fuckin cut it, the CPU doesn’t miss enough to go up 25. It shouldn’t take so long to hit 99 anyway, if you mfs were smart, you’d shorten the grind so people could make more builds, that way people would actually continue playin this 2K15 after patch 4 ass game and y’all would still get your damn transaction money.

  12. Cleaned out storage and came across my Dreamcast. Thought of those goofy glasses you could wear on the first few nba 2k games. I'm stoned

  13. I've been done with 2k for months now. Was a 93 6'11 265 pure athletic finisher. Dominant center who played team ball. I'm commenting on this, I know. But 2k. Yall fucking up now. These wannabe Steph Currys have ruined the game. If you ain't open, pass. I've seen other good players quit 2k also. Shit needs to be addressed. You are letting shooting take over the game. More aspects of the fucking game of basketball. Even in a video game.

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