Marvelous CGRundertow RATCHET & CLANK FUTURE: A CRACK IN TIME for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

CGRundertow RATCHET & CLANK FUTURE: A CRACK IN TIME for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in TIme review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in TIme for Playstation 3.

With the conclusion to the Ratchet and Clank Future trilogy, Insomniac Games created a bigger game than ever before. The two heroes are separated and must finish their own missions, while also searching for each other. The game introduces time elements, such as puzzles using multiple Clanks, and traveling back and forth between times. There are tons of side missions and upgrades hidden through the massive levels. This all makes for arguably the best game in the series and a fitting conclusion to the great trilogy.

This video review features video gameplay footage of Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time for Playstation 3 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Ryan.

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CGRundertow RATCHET & CLANK FUTURE: A CRACK IN TIME for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

44 Replies to “Marvelous CGRundertow RATCHET & CLANK FUTURE: A CRACK IN TIME for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review”

  1. Does anyone else feel like the future series flew under a lot of people's radar?   I mean, a lot of people I know played Tools of Dustruction but I don't hear a great deal of people talk about a Crack in Time and almost no one I talks about Into the Nexus, probably because everyone had a bad taste in their mouth after All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault.   I guess these games just got overshadowed by Uncharted and Little Big Planet.

  2. I get what you mean, these cutscenes are fantastic. However, Pixar animation does have a higher production value than this game. That doesn't mean this isn't good though.

  3. "A fitting conclusion to a fantastic trilogy."
    Little did he know that there was one more Future game to come,
    Ratchet and Clank: Into The Nexus

  4. the one thing i hate in this game is that i have to go to the next planet in R&C 1 2 & 3 WHEN YOU go to the next planet the game eill load when it's going to the next planet

  5. You can say "all 4 one" and "full frontal assault" is bad but not "tools of destruction" and "A crack in time". Those were actually pretty good.

  6. Lol sorry to tell you dude but evrey ratchet and clank game it is perfect in it's own way. And they also added new mechanics like in this one when u control time. But the base gameplay doesnt need change as the reviwer said. If it aint broke dont fix it. Ratchet and clank is one of the best series of all time hopefully into the nexus will be at least the same quality as a crack in time but i think it will be even better.

  7. You absolute moron. Ratatouille, WALL-E, Up & Toy Story 3 are all universally acclaimed & beloved films. Hell, even Cars, Brave & Monsters University were all well received too. Since 1995 Pixar have only made 1 poor film which is Cars 2, something Disney forced them to make because the first was so successful and had the bestselling merchandise.

    Look at Insomniacs track record, in the last 5 years they've released 4 bad games, 3 being Ratchet & Clank games, they're really down the shitter.

  8. Unless you are talking about Pixar films from the 90s, please stop. Comparing it to any Pixar film from 2001+ is like comparing a childs scribble art with Leonardo da Vinci's.

  9. I just wanna say that if a movie is to be made, I think that either Pixar Animations or Dreamwork Animation should do it, NOT Disney Animation! 😀

  10. they do not have better textures animation nor polish they are both fluid but ratchet and clanks textures are so fitting.Ratchets fur or nefarious armour all look better than most pixar films

  11. Pixar has better textures, better animation, more polish, looks a LITTLE more cartoony, and is overall better. I didn't realize that 90 people watching this video have bad eyesight.

  12. Of course there were issues, i still think the game's missing the fast paced combat 2, 3 and Deadlocked had, you can argue that it's just different but i still think the combat's much better than in the new ones, some effects were pixelated and my biggest issue is the plot, everyone seems to praise it while it's pretty shallow IMO. I do think that the general gameplay, visual style and the little extra's like cutscenes for every weapon and radio stations make up, but that was just bugging me.

  13. To me, this is the best of the PS3 ones, i found the semi-cell shaded look to be very appropriate for the game and made it stand out with it's popping colours, and will certainly help making the visuals age well. The gameplay was much more refined than ToD which was in my opinion pretty sluggish, while still suffering from linearity the areas were much bigger and gave much more incentive to explore, with the hover boots to scale the area quickly, not to mention the fully explorable galaxy.

  14. So a sci-fi 3D platformer/3rd person shooter with space exploration, a leveling up system, and a crapload of weapons is a Zelda rip-off you say? Riiiiiiiiiiight

  15. the fact that you call is the "ratchet franchise" proves you dont know what made it a success, the franchise is called Ratchet and Clank, and Clank is just as much part of the core action as the loveable lombax, dont forget that.

    and insomniac will probably never release another R&C game…

  16. Agreed. The story wasn't anything too special, and the clank parts weren't necessarily the best part about the game. The core action and humour is what made the ratchet franchise a success – don't forget that Insomniac!

  17. Huh? I wasn't waiting on the edge of my seat for anything after Tools of Destruction. In fact I hate the story aspect of these games…just let me play the fucking game already!!!

  18. Great this was review by "super positive reviewer" He's not bad but just seems to only review games that are all his favs or something.

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