Incredible NCAA Mens Soccer 2018 Div 1 National Tournament

NCAA Mens Soccer 2018 Div 1 National Tournament

DIV 1 NCAA College Cup. Santa Barbara, CA Highlights

NCAA Mens Soccer 2018 Div 1 National Tournament

24 Replies to “Incredible NCAA Mens Soccer 2018 Div 1 National Tournament”

  1. This is the reason why USA did not qualify for the World Cup they have people wasting their time in this shit league when they could go to Europe and actually try to become Pros FUCK COLLEGE SOCCER ITS A WASTE OF TIME JUST TRY TO GO FUCKING PRO

  2. Wonder how many foreigners these schools teams wield. Isn't NCAA or college soccer in general a stepping stone to the MLS? Same thing with most USDA (U.S Soccer Development Academy) clubs being only accessible to the wealthy. How are we supposed to develop talented national players if the pipeline is full of foreigners and rich kids?! Soccer should be for everybody!

  3. Jesus Christ the defending and movement of the keepers make me want to claw my eyes out. If this is the best that college offers then I could join a team tomorrow and walk this tournament no problem.

  4. so many olimpico goals tell you how awful the defenders are, most of those corner kick crosses were soo bad but they still find a way to make it into the net.
    goalkeepers that throw themselves way too early or drop the ball.
    defenders who can't tackle or even apply slight pressure to the attackers

    a lot of bad touches and poor control.

    the soccer college system is trash, ncaa is a direct provider of players for the mls.

  5. The thing is most of these talents are form out of the use or with a different international nationality . I played college too and I’m Mexican and I played with mostly Europeans

  6. Sad truth is that international players are making u.s soccer playable America will never have the development of South America or Europe because of it’s stupid system and way to think

  7. we are slowly progessing we need more minority kids to be given a chance but they just dont have the ridiculous amounts of $$ reguired to play at a high level academy in ths us

  8. This is why the US didn't qualify for the World Cup. As long as the current system is in place, we will always be absolutely terrible, even though we have the potential to produce Messi/Ronaldo level players.

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