Incredible game of thrones (season 4) crack 3

game of thrones (season 4) crack 3

GOT is epic and here is my third crack tribute to it
game of thrones (season 4) crack 3

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  1. Oh gosh this is so funny!! Hey, sorry if this bothering you but could you tell me what 4:00 to 4:16 is from?? The one about the hair?? I've Googled what they said and nada!! Sorry again and I hope to see more crack videos from you (no pressure- if you don't want to that's fine!! 🙂 )

  2. The part with Drogon screaming like the goat and all the scenes with Oberyn are hysterical XD Loved Oberyn….they killed him off too soon 🙁 

  3. I love your crack videos I noticed on your previous one you had some clips before the episode aired like tyrion and jaime dancing to the court room how did you get that footage?

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