Impressive Claw Machine Hack They Don't Want You To Know!

Claw Machine Hack They Don't Want You To Know!

I play a claw machine and show a hack you can do on certain machines to help you win more often at the arcade claw machine. Any other hacks are fake and don’t work. This hack still requires precision to win a the claw machine but you can do so more often with some practice! I also give some tips and tricks on what never to do at the arcade claw game!


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About Arcade Matt:

I make arcade videos! My passion started with the claw machine and continued to arcade ticket games. I also play games that give prizes like Stacker and Keymaster. The coin pusher is also another favorite – some I play winning money, others I win arcade tickets. On some games I even show how to win. If you love anything about the arcade, subscribe for new videos every week, and let’s play!


Claw Machine Hack They Don’t Want You To Know!

Arcade Matt

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Claw Machine Hack They Don't Want You To Know!

33 Replies to “Impressive Claw Machine Hack They Don't Want You To Know!”

  1. 🍏 Watch More Claw Machine Videos:

  2. Great video. Obligatory link:
    I decided to be nice and not link to the 10-hour version. 🙂

  3. I'm calling bull on this. The machines are set to take x amount before giving a prize. Either this is your machine or you work there and have adjusted the machine to win

  4. Best arcade in the Pittsburgh area in your opinion? I'm curious and a big claw guy myself? Have you ever won multiple prize with one claw drop? This guy has 😜

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