Fascinating Virginia Tech vs. Miami Condensed Game | ACC Foorball 2019-20

Virginia Tech vs. Miami Condensed Game | ACC Foorball 2019-20

Watch the Condensed Game from Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Miami (FL) Hurricanes, 10/05/2019Virginia Tech vs. Miami: Virginia Tech went into Miami and got their first conference win by defeating the Hurricanes 42-35. Miami trailed at one point 28-0 and then tied the game up at 35 late in the fourth quarter before the Hokies drove down the field for the winning score. Virginia Tech’s defense forced four Miami turnovers on the Canes’ first four possessions and forced five turnovers in the game. Along with the turnovers, the VT defense had seven sacks. Hendon Hooker got the start at quarterback for the Hokies, the first of his career, and was 10 for 20 for 184 yards and three touchdowns. Hooker also ran for 76 yards and a touchdown. Tight end Dalton Keene caught all three touchdowns for Virginia Tech. For Miami, tight end Brevin Jordan had a solid game with 7 catches for 136 yards and a touchdown. After not starting the game, N’Kosi Perry came in the game and threw for 422 yards, four touchdowns, and an interception.
Virginia Tech vs. Miami Condensed Game | ACC Foorball 2019-20

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  1. This is pathetic. I earned my Orange Bowl Ring ! We didnt dance like thugs every time we made a tackle ! These guys dont want to earn Swagger. Zero talent. Zero motivation. They will win four games this year, and thats it !

  2. I'm still try to understand when some of our fans say we would have won all our games if Perry started? Did you guys see this game. It dont matter who's the Qb, the OL sucks azz. I just watch Perry get sacked like 5 times. Our defense is trash but some of you hate JW so much that you cant see that. Lol. Perry had all summer to win the job. He didn't so move the fuck on. Our team is bad all the way around. Defense, offense, special teams! Bad. Bad. Bad.

  3. Those ints wasn't Jarren fault.. the wr are rounding their routes, and not coming back to the ball giving the db easy picks.. all they doing is stepping in front of the wr for easy int

  4. It should only get better moving forward. LT needs to be bench with JW. Defense will play harder if offense produces. If Perry would have started, we would have won easily all our games.

  5. Fire Blake Baker, get rid of the field goal kicker (Baxa), and start N'kosi Perry. This is what I've learned from the game. If we do this, we'll turn the season around. GO CANES……. Also, Blake Baker should've never been hired as Miami's DC. WAY TOO MANY mistackles, our defense sometimes looks lost. Greg Rousseau should be a starter, our cornerback play has regressed… BAKER has to go…. Also, what's up with playing walk-ons over LINGARD?? Can someone explain that to me. Then Lingard transfers out, and Manny will run his mouth about "only wanting people committed to the U". If I'm a 5 star running back and see walk-ons get more playing time than me, how would that make me feel?? GO CANES…

  6. Hey many lose the gimmick shit the chain and rings. Be a damn coach learn how to play the game and leave that thug shit for the streets. Dumbass!

  7. I want to know who the hell is watching game film for Miami. Number 60 the left tackle has to be the worst offensive lineman in organized football at any level he literally gets beat on every play. I don't care how bad the backup is put him in he can't beat any more than this talentless piece of junk. You have to clearly question the coaches ability to coach to keep this guy in the game. WATCH THE DAMN FILM GUYS AND WATCH THE LEFT OFFENSIVE TACKLE HE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Perry did good …Jarren worst game yet… But wat i. Like is the HEART THAT miami showed….

    You fools dont know football yall just watch da game…

    Cant even explained a win from a loss…
    Where is da mixmatch or whos on fire for that drive…
    Yall comments are lame…

  9. Miami is had 6 turnovers and still almost won… People dont watch games… Miami three losses came by flukes… Not that they cant compete with anyone… They just doesnt know how to win yet….

    Talent there…coaching there… The know how…not yet there…..

    Alot of people just want some team to pik at… Win they themselves cant even catch a COLD…OUT

  10. There were too many missed calls by these referees!!! It's almost like they out there spectating instead of reffing. There were too many to consider it coincidence. Both of those personal foul calls(one by bolden & one by quarterman was bogus). They missed 2 pass interference calls(one by harley & one by jordan both in the first half) These were momentum killers! We're already down 28 points. Come on man! To top that off they pick the flag up when the guy hit Kosi(no infraction on the play). U can't do that on the other side of the ball! It was similar to the florida game. If you going to make some jangy calls, do it both ways at least. I dare anybody get on here & tell me I'm being petty. Let's not forget the late flag against them bumeyes in fiesta bowl. My boys fought back. I love them guys for that. The canes have always been a fight back team since I started watching in '89. I know they blew a lot of assignments(no excuses) but I like how they fought back & I'm still with them. The U remains!!!

  11. A win is a win but still zero faith in this staff, because it took them this long to start Hooker, and also because they seemed unaware that we don't have a defense good enough to go conservative on O at any point during a game.

  12. Hey VT fans how’s it feel knowing that all Miami had to dude was start Perry from the beginning they would have killed you guys and Fuente would have been fired by the end of the week congrats though guys 🤣

  13. Zion is so fucking bad at LT. It is heartbreaking. Diaz clearly prioritized playing a freshman over playing the best guy.

  14. That damn qb doesn't have an arm most of his passes are short especially when his receivers are open deep.I don't know his interceptions to touchdown ratio but giving a quess at it I'll say about even steven and that never ever win title more like a losing season again

  15. Little did you know it was NOT the end of the game, they went back a put a second back on, but ESPN’s coverage ended before that happened.

  16. I love watching the Hurricanes struggle to adapt to the power house teams in the ACC. (Sarcasm)
    Miami joined the conference back in '04 & they've never won the ACC championship……LOSERS!

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