Extraordinary How to change username in cracked games

How to change username in cracked games

Well, here’s a tutorial for you! 100% free and no downloads necessary!
How to change username in cracked games

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  1. Hi.I did everything like you.I did change the RLD! name to another name but when I want to lounch the Game I get PINBALLFX3.exe-APPLICATION ERROR THE APPLICATION WAS UNABLE TO START CORRECTLY (0XC0000142) Any Help???Thanks.

  2. I hope Y'all are at least purchasing some of the games you crack when they become cheaper due to them being older releases as time goes on, keep the Karmic circle pure ppl.

  3. Idk if anyone still reads this but if you guys don't have a steam.ini file to edit in notepad for the whole changing your username thing and if you've downloaded as a cracked version, all I did was edit the one in SKIRDROW.ini file with admin of course and it worked for me

  4. Hey bro!! it also works in other games made from crohasit! you can change your name in steam_emu! (dunno if it work for most games cuz it worked on Escapist 2)

  5. Does not work with ARK.
    It keeps appending a 50 digit number to the end of the user name
    so if i change the username to GamePlayah.
    my in game name becomes GamePlayah-78378953789472389573892057389074893247893027489

    doesnt matter what i put user name too, get the same problem.

    To make matters worse, when i exit the game fully, that number changes, and it loses all progress because
    the server sees me as someone different… GG…

  6. Way too easy
    All you have to do is go to the folder of the game and access to the file (binaries) and access to the file (and the Win32) and search for (steam_emu) and enter it
    And press CTRL + F
    (Then look for the word (user name
    You will find the name change it

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