Extraordinary Crystal Caves – Gameplay

Crystal Caves – Gameplay

Crystal Caves is a Jump&Run/Platformer game. It was made and published by Apogee. It was released in 1991.

The game is shareware and that means you can download episode 1 for free. (Just search for it on google)

A very funny game where you are on a mining planet and have to find all crystals in every level to complete the game. But thats not so easy because aliens and security systems will hinder your way 😉

Memorable names here are definately: Scott Miller and George Broussard
Crystal Caves – Gameplay

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  1. Yeah ok I see I kinda do the same with the games (looking at them and basically sort them out). But you said the game was "shit" and what you actually meant was that you don't like it and would not play it. That makes more sense. 😉

  2. Oh? Then it makes even less sense.

    But on a serious note: What makes you think it is "shit" or better yet was shit? Because it certainly wasn't. I mean you said did not grow up with it so I assume you haven't even played that stuff.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this video, it takes me back… How fun was this game? Gosh I wish there was an app of crystal caves for iPad

  4. @sweetestormentx I have no idea about mac computers but this game can only be played in MS-DOS or Dosbox a community made DOS emulator.

  5. Well uhh, I guess they still sell that game. You can only download episode 1 for free.

    Don't know just search around google a bit.

  6. Definite classic right here! Crystal Caves was the first game by Apogee I ever owned. I used to love playing this game when I was a kid. First time I ever played it I never noticed that I could jump from a little off the edge of the platforms. It always pissed me off because I kept on missing my jump and sometimes die in the spikes. Such good times XD

  7. I played this on an old 386 25Mhz computer at my grandfather's typewriter repair company when I was a kid. I'd go there every day after school. Good Memories.

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