Breathtaking Best of Portal 2 – Game Grumps Compilations

Best of Portal 2 – Game Grumps Compilations

Arin and Dan learn to think with portals… but when will they learn that their actions have consequences?

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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

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Best of Portal 2 – Game Grumps Compilations

48 Replies to “Breathtaking Best of Portal 2 – Game Grumps Compilations”

  1. All I can focus on are the inconsistencies with the heads like
    why is Arin's lil head more transparent than Dan's from 21:41–24:59 like it was juuust that episode
    and then their heads stop being tilted in the next episode 25:46
    and then at 30:53 the heads have a white outline

  2. "Edited by Sbassbear". First of all, big punch in the face to your own editors. Second, this isn't "the best", it's just what that one fan thought was best. Lastly, sbassbear sucks.

  3. Stop sacrificing people you poopy head I don’t like you mr grumpy pants please bring back all those people killed thank you and have a good day kind sir. Sike I gotcha again ya lil grump, I don’t want you to have a good day! I just want you to have a mediocre day! Hahahaha you’ll never stop me! Ok goodbye have a good day

  4. there is the gamegrumps way to play this game and there is the sovietwomble and cyanide way to play this game. i'm not sure which is better

  5. Man portal 2 is great especially the level creator I love to make my own levels and fail at them time and time again until that one moment where you fail and succeed.

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