Bewildering This is Eve Online – Gameplay Trailer

This is Eve Online – Gameplay Trailer

Check out the this is eve trailer for Eve Online.

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This is Eve Online – Gameplay Trailer

47 Replies to “Bewildering This is Eve Online – Gameplay Trailer”

  1. 3:06 that voice could have been me back in the days when I ran into my first titan trap with my buddies.
    Amazed and scared at the same time. 😀
    Great times!

  2. Funny enough i dont even play EVE but i watch this video every few months and every time, the strongest of chills all over my body just cause how well this is.

  3. Being new to Eve, I absolutely adore this trailer. It's probably the main reason I started playing the game. I really think CCP should do more stuff like this

  4. Meanwhile in reality the game looks nor plays anything like what's shown.

    It's an excel spreadsheet simulator with spaceships.

    Everything shown in this video is a result of a very large and organized guild event. Not a true representation of moment to moment game play.

    Show the menus and the UI. Show what the game really looks like from cockpit view. Show someone spending a week clicking on rocks and then organizing them in a spreadsheet.

    This game reminds me of the 80s when box art drastically outshined the 8bit game found inside.

  5. It's been more than four years since this trailer was released, and I still get goosebumps when I watch it. Every. Single. Time.

    To date I have not heard better, more spine tingling music than I have in this video.

    CCP, we need another one of these.

  6. awesome game had lots of good memories but when you realize that you use exel to get the highest amount of resources and search the market to get more profit of your products as possible or make a plan to get a feet into the 0.0 sector and be in battle of hundrets of player which need a plan who everybody plays his role in it…… then and absolutly then you notice what you have could reached in real life if you had put the same energy and time into it.


  8. I haven't played a minute of this game yet… still, I revisit this trailer now and then because I buy that these are genuine voices…

  9. Only looks fun till you play it. Then it was disappointing for me. Bad game, bad graphics, and bad people. No honor, lack of humanitary morals, risk is higher than gain.
    Tutorial leaves you with more questions and player help is rude, biased, and supports piracy.

    The community of players is unique and the rise in the skills tree is very addictive to go through. This game itself is definitely not for everyone to be fair but most can enjoy it on some level.


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