Bewildering Game Piracy Explained

Game Piracy Explained

A brief rundown of game piracy and the groups that make it possible. This overview covers the warez scene, P2P groups like Revolt, Voksi and 3DM and finishes with repackers.

Rainbow Six Siege and Dota 2:
Game Piracy Explained

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  1. i used to pirate constantly , then when i established my life, full time job…etc i started to fill my steam library with games, and i enjoyed buying games more than pirating them. Then comes EPIC exclusive, then i sang a song and it goes like this "Hello piracy my old friend , i 've come to unite with you again."

  2. I only pirate to play the game for about around an hour or two, then I ask myself if I want to buy it on steam or uninstall it. It's usually uninstall.

  3. there are no "legitimate" and "illegal" files. It's all ones and zeros, either it works or it doesn't, either you play or you don't. people will keep smarting up. instead of designing ridiculously restrictive and intrusive DRM the gaming industries should adapt, sell services not exe files. use and even encourage the tech savvyness and creativity of your users. Engineers can do it, but until the lawyers and economists scum that is in controlof the companies realize it, they will keep failing

  4. I pirate games, I can admit that. But if a games good I'll buy it. I usually play it once and if I don't go back to it I uninstall it. Using piracy is like doing a demo for me if a game doesn't have a demo version.

  5. there was a time when i would never think of getting Pirated Software. but after getting burned time after time from purchasing software that was falsely advertised and/or so buggy the game was unplayable, i now have no issues getting Pirated Software. if i like the software i will go purchase it, simple as that.

  6. Let's simplify this. Most games have microtransactions (especially mobile) and that the piraters are the one that gives freedom to poor people who cant buy it. So in a simplified form, the game publishers are Templars or bad guys and the piraters are robin hood and assassins or simply called good guys. Yeh maybe robins and assassins are robbers but microtransaction is robbing too right? I mean you paid for the game, still you need to pay for extra features, dlc is okay, but not this. Im looking at you EA.

  7. Never wasted money on games….huge respect for every single person that allows us mere mortals to experience games with our wasting much precious money

  8. You know there are lots of games which are getting veeeery huge discounts. No need for pirating anymore. And for updating sometimes you have to download the whole shit again for pirated games.

  9. I know DAEMON is a good tool for "backup" copies, however I still put the ISO onto a DVD-R and install them that way…

  10. Hello! Ive been a guy who´ve been pirating games and installing cracks for months now. I just wanna tell people that If you´re gonna pirate dont install 20 games… install max 1! Right now my gaming pc with unbelievable specs doesnt work as well as an old office pc! Viruses come hidden everywhere and slows down your pc while you click on the (I allow this to make changes to the pc) button! Viruses are almost always in cracks if its of course not you who made the crack!

    edit: Ive removed the most viruses possible on my pc but its now slower than it was before!

  11. I stoped pirating a few years ago, now i'm buying games legally, but sometimes there just no other option, cuz some old games are not being sold anymore for example NFS Carbon or Underground.

  12. I’m very conflicted I have bought every game no matter the dev even knowing that is super easy to get the game for free. But recently I came across Rome 2 total war interesting game and I love Rome so what could go wrong. 102 if I wanted the dlc when wrong now I’m not sure if I got the ball to pirate the game.

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