Awesome New Video Game – SNL

New Video Game – SNL

A video game demo keeps getting interrupted by side story characters (Kit Harington, Mikey Day, Cecily Strong).

#SNL #KitHarington #SaraBareilles #SNL44

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New Video Game – SNL

34 Replies to “Awesome New Video Game – SNL”

  1. and assholes in the video never dis the mario ill get his fire flower and burn ur asses for suggesting that mario sucks. u suck for saying it

  2. damiean and eathan are gay. not that theres anything wrong with that. well maybe theres alot wrong with it when ur fighting zombies and in a middle of a war dumbasses

  3. We will never find out what the deal is with Ethan and Damien.
    Omg, this is one of the funniest SNL skits in a long time. I'm dying!
    We need to talk about the state of SNL…but what's the deal with Ethan and Damien?

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