Astounding Von Karma's A Beeyotch – Phoenix Wright 60 FINALE

Von Karma's A Beeyotch – Phoenix Wright 60 FINALE

Phoenix, Von Karma, Maya, Butz, Edgeworth, Gumshoe… the gang is all here for the thrilling conclusion to this long, strange journey, and we’d like to thank you all for coming along for the ride by mailing each of you a stick of gum. Enjoy!

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Game Grumps are:
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Von Karma's A Beeyotch – Phoenix Wright 60 FINALE

41 Replies to “Astounding Von Karma's A Beeyotch – Phoenix Wright 60 FINALE”

  1. Please do Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations? This series is seriously one of your guys' best yet, would love to see it continue!

  2. I had to come late to the party (got hit by a car and had a mild concussion) But I'm super excited to see this! Really hope the playthrough continues!

  3. The Gamegrumps should play more text heavy games. They're play style is perfect for these games. Tons of characters and dialogue for they can use a comedy sources for their jokes and options for voices, or they could just react and react to if they can't' think of it. The game holds their hands the whole time through the plot, it's mostly just reading and pressing A. They don't have to remember little things like stats, how to fo fight, controls. They don't die as often, controls are.on the screen at all times, and less fans angry at their horrible game skills.

  4. Good golly gosh P L E A S E play the next Phoenix Wright games. Theres so many recurring characters and it'll be a real joy to keep seeing this.

  5. Ah man this is definitely one of my favorite of the Grumps series. Phoenix Wright was one of those games I heard lots about but never really considered playing but man after seeing this series I've realized just how amazing this game is. Having the Grump's humor certainly didn't hurt lol. I know it's why they took a bunch of breaks from the game but I also really enjoyed the Grump's voice acting it. Over all this series was amazing and Phoenix Wright is amazing and I definitely hope the Grumps play the other games. Or hell, maybe I'll just play them because this game was amazing

  6. I saw in the comments before I finished watching that they didn't finish the credits, but they didn't even show the group photo at the end? I'm a little hurt, honestly. This series introduced me to Ace Attorney and I've since played over 100 hours on my switch. All the way through twice, one of my friends plays it on my account on her switch, I'm about to beat Rise From the Ashes for the 3rd time, and about to start Turnabout Samurai for another friend who watches me play. I've become an Ace Attorney fanatic and they almost dissed on the game at the end, didn't even finish the credits, and didn't let people even see that there's a 5th case. It kinda hurts, honestly.

  7. I feel like if they'd just been up front about their intentions for the final case, like a "so we know there's another one, but we need to let our voices recover for a while before jumping back into it" or "if this episode does well views-wise, we might come back and do the final case, but we have no plans to do so currently" or something like that, I'd feel a lot less disappointed with how bitter they (or at least Arin) sounded about this series at the end.

  8. "All 5 of you.."

    I must not be the only one whom OBJECTS to this claim! This playthrough got me back into watching GG after a really long time, because I loved it so much! Please, please do the 5th case! I've heard from so many that it's good! Please continue the series! It works exceptionally well with the new format and everything! Please, just don't leave it here! It would be such a shame.

  9. For anyone here saying they’re sad it’s over, don’t be.
    Because if you saw the story thing they uploaded….

    There will be more!

  10. Maybe there would be more than 5 people watching your videos if you actually put some effort in. Like knowing that this isn't the end of the game.

  11. 38:10 Huh, they changed that line. Edgeworth said something else in the original version. That said, I think I like him calling Nick an "insufferable emotionalist" better.

  12. Right before you halted the series, I started watching the anime (the same story as the game). I got to the same part you were at in the series and decided to wait until you finished it so I could follow along before seeing the anime adaptation. Well… I waited for like a month, and you didn't come out with any episodes, so I finished the anime.
    It's harder to watch the game after watching the anime than it is watching the anime after watching the game. I didn't watch 'til the end, I skipped to the end to see Danny's reaction.

  13. I just came here to see how they reacted to the end of the most powerful case in the game. And I realized they didn’t give Edgeworth the classy British accent I have always imagined him having. No wonder they think of him as the fun police. Cause that head tap was always my favorite moment of dreadful fun. Glad they got to the end of it, unlike majora.

  14. I sure love being a game grumps fan! Especially Arin constantly making me feel like shit for being a fan! Haha good times.

  15. For the love of any possible deity and everything holy, PLEASE PLEASE properly end this game and at least consider doing the others as well – even if just as an irregularly returning series in between

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