Amazing MAVERICKS at JAZZ | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 25, 2020



Rudy Gobert came up with a huge block (his 5th of the game) late to help the Utah Jazz grab their 19th win in 21 games by defeating the Dallas Mavericks, 112-107. Gobert scored 22 PTS on 8-8 shooting and pulled down 17 REB in the win. Utah’s Donovan Mitchell and Dallas’ Luka Doncic scored 25 PTS apiece.

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29 Replies to “Amazing MAVERICKS at JAZZ | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 25, 2020”

  1. I just heard mamba passed away with her daughter in a plane crash. am soo hurt … I grabbed my girl hugged her and just started crying u will be missed …#kobe

  2. Why the NBA not doing these highlight videos in HD, I can understand the public channels not having the footage in HD but the actual NBA ? these should be 1080p, every video is blurry.

  3. One thing I wonder Is why Carlisle isnt using Bronson for the 2nd periods. You see what happens when there is no true point on the floor. Our offense stops flowing as effectively anymore. Gotta have a true point off the bench to run the offense when Luka goes out. If our offense stayed efficient in the 2nd it would of been an easy win tbh

  4. Go Jadin. Way to stay loyal to your team!! No band wagon there. I respect that!!!! All teams are great. We went to the game and we are MAvs fans and we’re told to leave by jazz fans. The row behind us sat there and swore the entire time dropping the F bomb every other word. I finally told them to stop that my nine year had to keep covering his ears. They told us “ welcome to Utah” and if he can’t handle it to leave. Wow! Telling us to leave cause we are MAVS fans. How awful that a nine year old can’t go watch the game cause he loves basketball in general. And what is up with the mascot. Really. You should have let the kid win that you humiliated in front on thousands of people. You moved the balloons then popped water balloons on his head. My nine year “ dad that wasn’t nice and he cheated so the other guy could win” great example jazz bear. Safe to say we are appalled by the behavior. We’ve been to MAvs home games and I can tell you this much. Dallas is welcoming of all opposing team players and their fans. They are treated with respect and welcomed. Utah if your wins are more important then the people who watch and support you you’ll never win a championship on that merit alone. These two men I know personally and I watched a group of people tell them to leave and go home. How do I know. Jadin is my other son.

  5. Who the hell was that that tried to get a lay up, bro he so stupid why did he make that selfish play, passing the ball and making a three was an option for the win but he tried to get a foul omg he to selfish, he about to get traded out from the Mavs I swear to a garbage team

  6. THE MAVS ARE SCARY ONCE KP FULLY RECOVERS PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY all they need is big defending center like Harrel or Adams and a 3 and d wing and second play maker like Zach lavine or Lauri markannen to trade for Tim hardaway jr with some picks…they have a great chance of winning championship this year…too many players to stop on that squad even the way they are…..yea yea i know im be getting over my head with the trade scenario but happy with my team right now

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