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  1. The terrified look on Alliser Thorne's face as he hung there dead was PRICELESS. Don't know why he was so scared though; if he'd listened to Beric Dondarrion, he'd know there's no afterlife to fear.

  2. OK this has nothing much to do with whether or not this is a good crack vid. I am a terrible judge. I did laugh once and I usually don't find crack vids funny so that's probably a + from me. But I do wanna share what I just realized about when Petyr pushes Lysa out the moondoor. In the books and in the show he says "I've only ever loved one women." In the books Lysa replies with "Truly? Petyr Truly." and he replies "Cat" as he pushes her. Now when I watched the show, I didn't care that they had removed her lines as much as I was confused by why they had changed Petyr's line from "Cat" to "Your sister". Because "Cat" is one syllable and it just pops so much more. It definitely had a bigger impact in the book and I think it was down to the one word. Because the rest was very similar. I still enjoyed it on the show but I was bewildered as to why they changed it. Certainly they have to change a lot of storylines along the way because it's a different medium. It's not a book. But changing this seemed strange. So I've frowned about this for years… Now it JUST occurred to me… the audience probably didn't remember Catelyn's actual name. They probably only know her as "Lady Stark". They are playing to lowest common when it comes to names on this show. Who can blame them with so many names to keep track of? So had he said "Cat" half the audience would be like "who he love?" So yeah… That's that. Now to figure out why Gilly names her baby….

  3. 3:10
    "It's all fallen on me ._. "
    "As has Jamie repeatedly, according to Stannis Baratheon."


  4. What if bran pulled jamie down with him in the first video and the whole of the rest of the series is just cersie babbling in the old tower imagining it all lmafo….

  5. They tried to kill bran because they didn't want him to know their secret but now he knows everything, very counterintuitive

  6. As far as game of thrones comedy vids go this isn't bad BUT I'm honestly tired of just seeing standard scenes with music inserted with no clever editing just plain old Humor recycled from Channel to channel

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