Amazing Control – Official Gameplay Trailer

Control – Official Gameplay Trailer

Control is the next game from Remedy, releasing August 27 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
Control – Official Gameplay Trailer

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  1. The extra clip of her showing the projector is just so satisfying because I can just tell how proud of that moment and the detail that they put into it.

  2. Isn't it amazing how a game like this has so little views? Yet shitty games like Anthem and Call of duty has over 50 million views. God , people are so gullible and stupid. I blame e3 for all the shitty games that are getting people hyped up

    EDIT: I take by what i said about this game. Another shitty game in 2019. Video games are dead guys, face it. All you do in this game is look for people while the same damn enemies respawn even after you kill them. God , i can't remember the last time i stayed up all night playing a nice video game. This game is no different from Anthem and far cry.. All shitty games

  3. this is the dumbest game name EVER ! Im having audio issues with low voice volume on my headset in either surround or stereo but its impossible to fine any help as 'control game sound problem' gives all kinds of dumb general sound problem topics as a result. also fps is piss poor and vsync lowers the game fps to way under refresh rate cap…(38 fps in my case…) good job devs…

  4. Welp as long as we don’t have to fight 001 or 2845 or the other god leveled beings then we should be fine😅😅😅😅😅😅 right?………

  5. ….what am I missing? Most of this game was using the force, to push or pull objects. It's cool, but not that exciting. Let Me guess, it's a female with superpowers so it's fantastic. Is that what's going on here? No way this trailer ranks 22k likes. They didn't show nearly enough gameplay.

  6. So you're basically scarlett witch but instead of fighting Thanos, you fight.. the SCP Foundation?
    yeah? basically right?
    no?.. ok sorry

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